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  1. I recently got a microscope and am in the process of learning how to use it. I ended up with OMAX 40X-2000X Lab LED Binocular Microscope from Amazon. I hoping it will work well enough for me to learn on To give you my background the last time I used a microscope was in High School biology class 1987. I believe I have the basics figured out I have bought an eyepiece with reticle and calibrated it using a stage micrometer. I’m still fuzzy on best use of light intensity, condenser location and diaphragm opening For now I’m just playing with all 3 till I get what I think is the best image So, with all that said I have a few questions. 1. For staining do I just need phloxine? I’ve also read that Lactophenol Cotton Blue and Safranin are useful. I was just curious what others use. 2. For mounting I guess I’ll be using distilled water or KOH. Do I need anything else for mounting? 3. For testing chemical reactions I have Amonia, KOH (on order), and FeSO4. 4. Is there any way to check for Amyloid, dextnroid or inamloid without melters reagent? I have more I’m trying to figure out, but these are my main concern right now. I appreciate any advice that anyone is willing to offer. I’ve attached a pic of some spores taken using my phone
  2. dcloin

    How to post photos?

    After about 5 more tries I was able to add pics on another post. Not sure if it’s me, or the site, but glad it worked.
  3. dcloin

    Gymnopilus liquiritiae ?

    It’s taken a few tries but finally here are a few pics.
  4. dcloin

    How to post photos?

    Well, thought I had this figured out. I went to another post to add a pic, now it won’t work. I can click the link to attach photos, I can select the photos, but when I select done nothing happens. Took a few tries to attach the pics above too. Seems like there might still be a glitch.
  5. dcloin

    How to post photos?

    2nd test. Looks like it worked this time. Thanks
  6. dcloin

    How to post photos?

  7. I 3rd that opinion. I’m not against Facebook, I just don’t use it. Well, I guess as long as the site remains open we can share with those interested.
  8. Thank you for your help. I’ll check out the Facebook page.
  9. I placed an order on this site 3 weeks ago. My payment was processed but I still have not received anything besides an automatic reply after ordering. I emailed Steve steve@hoosiermushrooms.org a few days ago. Still haven’t heard anything. I’m beginning to wonder why I joined the HMS because it seems like the site is all but abandoned. I was hoping to have conversations, share info and learn from others but to be honest there is not much going on. Oh well, live and learn. But I did also pay for items that I haven’t received. Sorry for the rant, but I’m just not feeling like this is much of an actual organization. It seems like after joining that someone would reach out and welcome new members, and such.
  10. dcloin

    Membership and purchased items

    Anyone know how to contact a site administrator? I purchased some chemicals 2 weeks ago and still have no response or acknowledgement. I can order somewhere else if it’s not going to be available from here.
  11. dcloin

    How to post photos?

    I do have “notify me of replies” on the grey bare beneath the text box on the left side. Above that there white space and insert other media button on the right. Then above that there is another grey bar and on the left side of it the letters “div p”. The “div p” looks like an error of some type, probably where the paper clip and choose file should be.
  12. dcloin

    How to post photos?

    When I go to the gallery there is no "add images button" There is no paper clip that says "choose file". There is a button under the text area that says "Insert other media" If I click it I have 2 options Insert existing attachment Insert media from URL I've tried on ipad, iPhone, on a computer using chrome browser and also Microsoft Edge browser. I am signed in and see my username in the upper right corner. I'm wondering if it is not recognizing when users are logged in correctly. It's kind of an important thing for a forum like this to be able to post pictures. Hopefully we can get it figured out.
  13. dcloin

    Gymnopilus liquiritiae ?

    First pic was link from amazon, when I click on it it’s cropped and part of the image is missing. 2nd was from google photos. It seemed to work better. I’m not sure if anyone else can see them or not since it’s my account and I’m logged in. I was hoping to be able to have the pic shown instead of having to click a link but if this works it’s better than nothing.
  14. dcloin

    Gymnopilus liquiritiae ?

    https://www.amazon.com/photos/shared/z4gk8vSuSKOjr8V_trHo9A.6IExfwYsDXnkKsXgOqMML0 https://photos.app.goo.gl/kVdY84VNH2dxbPwG6 testing to see if this works
  15. dcloin

    Gymnopilus liquiritiae ?

    I’ve tried to attach photos with no luck.

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