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Kelly Kasper-Cushman

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  1. Kelly Kasper-Cushman

    Jelly fungus

    Best guess on identification-- Phaeotremella frondosa or Tremella foliacea ??
  2. Kelly Kasper-Cushman

    White green-algae coral

    Multiclavula mucida, taken 17 Nov 2018
  3. Kelly Kasper-Cushman

    Pinwheel marasmius

    Taken August 26, 2018
  4. Kelly Kasper-Cushman

    Pinwheel marasmius

  5. Kelly Kasper-Cushman

    How to post photos?

    Nope...hmm....I'm for sure logged in, but I only see "Gallery" (with, e.g., member albums) and "new images" --nothing that looks like a button to upload an image.
  6. Kelly Kasper-Cushman

    How to post photos?

    Hi everyone! I'm a new member and I can't seem to figure out how to create a new album or post photos...can anyone help me out with the basic steps? What am I missing?

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