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  3. hoosiermushrooms

    Mounds State Park

  4. Hello everyone! I just wanted to check if there is a meetup location in Mounds State Park tomorrow?
  5. Bruce

    Anyone Grow Indoors?

    I can't speak to this one. Have you found anything yet? The Stamets book referenced earlier might have some recommendations (I don't actually own the book, but have read a friend's copy). Sounds cool, though. I wish you luck on the morels. They are very resistant to cultivation...if it was easy a lot of people would already be doing it. Regards, Bruce
  6. Found these in the mulch under the arborvitaes.
  7. Dhuntington

    Salamoni River State Forest

  8. Is the Foray at the Salamonie River State Forest for tomorrow on ? When I click on the link it takes me to the canceled 2020 Foray at the same location.
  9. Hoosierfunguy

    Are Morels Up South of Indianapolis Yet

    I've seen reports all over Southern Indiana. I was in a prime area latitudinally with Indianapolis last weekend and not one,, but the ground temp was 43° F. Next weekend the blacks and grays should be decorating the woods. I live north of Indianapolis and the sandy soil here is prime. With the recent rain at the right temperature, makes for a promising outlook.
  10. Are Morels Up South of Indianapolis Yet
  11. Mike Warner

    Online Morel Certification - Saturday 3/20/21

    I missed the class, is there something else I can do? I have a chance to sell my morels in a butcher shop but need my cert.
  12. Mike Warner

    To late

    So my friend offered to sell my morels at his butcher shop but I need my certificate for the morel class. Of coarse that was March the 20th. Does anybody know if I can take another class. My season starts in 3 weeks! Thanks for reading and I hope someone can help me, thank you
  13. If you cut it and it "bleeds" a white latex then it might be a Lactarius if it doesn't than it might be a Tricholoma. It does look a lot like Pluteus pellitus though.
  14. TobyS

    Anyone Grow Indoors?

    Hi! I'm new to the forum and planning some indoor and outdoor cultivation in N.Indiana. I'm hoping to make prototype grow Rooms before long from refer trailer and school bus. I'm working on a military trailer and dump truck for hauling my sawmill materials and have some peat moss to be harvested on site. If there is a stand alone programmable controller, pc based, that can be used to network multiple grow rooms, please post your recommendations. I have some experience with Siemens S-7. Ill be doing an outside grow of maitake and shiitake first. Morels will be a main focus however on the majority of the farm.. Best regards, TobyS
  15. FishLips

    Anyone Grow Indoors?

    Thanks Bruce!
  16. Bruce

    Anyone Grow Indoors?

    A few tips and pics is unlikely to get the job done. To do this right, you need a good book, like "The Mushroom Cultivator" by Paul Stamets. Mushroom propagation is not like growing plants...trying to do it based on YouTube videos is a path to failure. I do suggest that you start with oyster mushrooms. They tend to be very hardy and if you can't grow those, you can't grow anything! Good luck, Bruce
  17. Newbie thinkn bout starting a small indoor tent setup for growing mushrooms to sell at local farmers market...anyone else growing mushrooms indoors?? Tips and pics will be greatly appreciated!
  18. This is the seventh year we have hosted mushroom training sessions in conjunction with the Indiana State Department of Health. Last year we held two trainings online and the format worked fairly well for the material we needed to cover. We will be holding our morel and wild mushroom trainings online this year as well. All aspects of the course will remain the same for the online format. The course will take place from 1pm to 5pm. Saturday morning (3/20/2020), you will receive a link and passcode to the Zoom meeting to the email you register with. We will begin with introductions, spend an hour on food safety, spend 1-2 hours on morels, and conclude with a test. The test will be emailed out to participants after the course is complete. By finishing and returning the test, you will have completed the requirements for the course, and we will issue the requisite recommendation to become a morel mushroom identification expert for Indiana. (The summer wild mushroom course online, the exam will be required to be taken at a local testing center.) Digital copies of course materials will be emailed once you register for the course. Before Saturday, please go to the link below to join a test meeting, to ensure your camera and microphone are properly configured: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/115002262083-Joining-a-test-meeting Registration for the online course can be found here:
  19. hoosiermushrooms

    2020 Schedule of Events

    Indiana Events: January 25 - Edible Winter Mushrooms - Clifty Falls State Park - 2:30 - 3:30 pm - Join Us! March 14 - Morel Mushroom Course – Indianapolis, IN - 1pm - 5pm - More Information - Register April 4 - Morel Mushroom and HMS - East Central Discussion - Madison County Winery - 12:00 pm - Register April 19 - Eagle Creek Park - Indianapolis, IN - 1pm - 3pm - More Information - Register April 25 - Salamonie State Forest – Andrews, IN - 1pm - 3pm - Join Us! - Date may shift depending on morel progression. May 2 - Pokagon State Park - Angola, IN - 1pm - 3pm - Join Us! - Date may shift depending on morel progression. May 23 – Mounds State Park - Anderson Indiana - 1pm - 3pm - Join Us! June 20 - Wild Mushroom Course - Indianapolis, IN - 9am - 5pm - More Information - Register June 27 – 11 am: Versailles State Park, 4pm: Clifty Falls State Park - VSP Join! - CFSP Join! June 28 – 11am: Obannon Woods State Park & 3pm: Lincoln State Park - OWSP Join! - LSP Join! July 18 - Salamonie River SF August 1 – Ft. Ben Harrison State Park - Indianapolis, Indiana - 1pm - 3pm - Join Us! August 15 - 23 – Summer Online Foray - More Info - Download Field Data Slips - Join the Project August 15 - Whitewater Memorial State Park - Join Us August 16 - Mounds SRA - Join Us August 19 - Dunes SP - Join Us August 22 - Shades State Park - Join Us August 23 - Turkey Run State Park - Join Us September 19 – Potato Creek State Park - Join Us! September 25 - 27 - Smith Foray - Dunes National Park - CANCELLED DUE TO COVID October 18 - 25 - Online Fall Foray - More Info - Download Field Data Slips - Join the Project October 17- Brown County State Park: 1pm - 3pm Join Us! 5 - 7pm Join Us October 18 - Bloomington, IN: 9:00 am Paynetown SRA; 12:00 pm Griffy Woods;
  20. stblanch

    Mushroom ID??

    Can anyone help with identification of these mushrooms?? Recently returned from a visit to my see my grandsons over Christmas in Houston, TX and took them out foraging hoping maybe to come across some oysters. They were excited to go mushroom hunting but as is not uncommon, did more "hunting" then "finding". Did find several nice Destroying Angels but came across this small clump of yellow-orange mushrooms at the base of a small dead longleaf pine. Spore print was orangish-yellow
  21. stblanch

    Brick caps??

    The spore print was purplish-brown which would seem to confirm brick cap
  22. Bruce

    Help with Identification

    No idea. Seem to be discolored by frost.
  23. Bruce

    Are these oysters?

    Yeah, I think so. I have some of these growing on stump roots in my back yard.
  24. Bruce

    Brick caps??

    Seems to match my references on the subject. Don't hang your hat on my ID, though.
  25. stblanch

    Brick caps??

    Found these this morning. Are these brick caps (hypholoma lateritium)?? Mild taste (not bitter). Currently doing a spore print.
  26. kriskight

    Are these oysters?

    Found out that these are oysters after all. Pleurotus Ostreatus. The common winter oyster. Thanks to Adam Haritan.
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