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    Mushroom photos (NWI).
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  5. The goal is to make a collection of pictures in two month intervals to kind of shine a light of what will be around at the time or is! Sorry for the mass upload and if I can, will try and go back and put names w/ pictures and picture sets. These were all found in northern IN. from the beginning of August to 9/19/23. Happy hunting everyone!
  6. I think you are right on that one, I found this cluster a few weeks ago! Which I suspect to be the same or very similar.
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  8. I'm fairly sure this is Lacrymaria velutina. My old field guide still has it listed as Psathyrella Velutina. I came across a bunch of tightly packed clusters of these, at work today. I didn't keep a specimen, but after looking into it, the microscopic characteristics of the spores are worth seeing. They're listed as "edible" and they had a mild nutty aroma. If I didn't have my hands full of Lion's mane and Velvet Foot Enokis, I probably would have harvested these,, because they were very hearty and looked as though they would hold their firmness for awhile. They were cool to observe.
  9. Look up Ann Arbor, MI and the steps they've made/ local distributors. Little closer to home..
  10. Oregon has taken an unprecedented step in offering psilocybin, also known as magic mushrooms, to the public. Epic Healing Eugene - America's first licensed psilocybin service center - opened in June, marking Oregon's unprecedented step in offering the mind-bending drug to the public. The center now has a waitlist of more than 3,000 names, including people with depression, PTSD or end-of-life dread. No prescription or referral is needed, but proponents hope Oregon's legalization will spark a revolution in mental health care. Clients do not need to live in Oregon to access psilocybin services but must be 21 years of age or older, said the state's Oregon Psilocybin Services. A preparation session must be completed with a licensed facilitator, the agency said.
  11. I just found some myself Friday and they were huge! Leucopaxillus giganteus
  12. Royoporus badius Is my best guess.
  13. Haha 😄 Well, that's one more identifier. I wish I knew whether there are any look-alikes to the giant clitocybe, but that's my best guess.
  14. Actually, when I just went out to look at it, it looks like there’s kind of a spore print on the patio table! It’s kind of a white dusting all under where the mushroom sat overnight.
  15. No unfortunately I didn’t get a spore print. It’s still sitting out on the back patio though. Would it be too late a day later?
  16. Well that's a really cool find. It does look like it could be a Giant Clitocybe. They can be up to 18" and grow in open disturbed areas from August through October. They're not a very common mushroom in Indiana, but they are around. I've never IDed one before. Did you take a spore print?
  17. My son found this their dirt box. It’s probably close to a foot across! Any idea what it is?
  18. I found these growing on a rotten log in my back yard. Any idea what they are? The underside is very smooth.
  19. Oooo capitals! And It's a collective buddy- of all types of voices and collected knowledge over decades, and guess what....I will lol, and I will be just fine cause I know how to handle /dry/ cook and prepare what I find in class and genus. I'm sorry if you feel offended but when you talk with the "it's toxic" then " I ate some and was fine" later, kinda clearly shows a level of misunderstanding in your understanding of how you pass knowledge on. But hey I didn't have to say it was obvious, thankfully you did 😻 I always urge people to have multiple data points to pull from with information on a topic, weather researching for papers, essays or medical data and test results/outcomes. Honestly in all outcomes of life, having multiple points of view or logged true information is worth more than anything, expecialy if it's from multiple different sources. But ey drink the Kool aid and don't go to that sight and find out a hefty amount about mushrooms with real logged information. Just saying.....or said......either way I'ma lay in bed......
  20. XNME -- I suggest that you eat what you want and don't fret about what I say. It's pretty obvious that I don't know what I'm talking about and those people on shroomery.com do. Bruce
  21. I live in Laporte, IN I'm 27 and I need some like minded friends to go mushroom hunting with me! Or I'll go with you! I don't care if you have 0 experience hunting mushrooms, I will gladly teach as much of my knowledge as you'd like to learn! I tend to find A LOT and I mean ALOT of mushrooms foraging, but I tend to be able to only collect so much at a time w/out spending all day in one area or overloading myself with just one or two types of fungus and not being able to fully explore an area. I have a annual state park pass and a pretty fuel efficient car (you got gas $-ill pick you up!). Email: transfer2mc3@gmail.com Email me and let's go Foraging!!!
  22. Don't say that, " every mushrooms edible once" its entirely ignorant. And honestly they don't really have a 'heavy taste' to me, I make homemade Raman with them and boy it's freaking delicious, add to soups, they are very good for you. I just cook them for at least 30 minutes as with all my wild mushrooms cause of all the insects, and other foreign pathogens that could be on them. But I like how you start flat out telling this person that they aren't edible, then quickly redact and say you've eaten them without any problems, then try to spread your Hysteria along with. Fear mongering is lame, so quit. Unless you have actual knowledge and proof, which it's seems you are null? You don't get that to much on the shroomery .com, and a lot more trusted people from all over the world, for me Allan Rockefeller I.D.'s a lot of my odd finds I can't seem to identify, along with many other veteran mushroom cultivators and hunters. I'm going to add a file that talks about all these Edibles and the anti oxidizing, antibacterial, anti tumor, and super nutrition packed fungus it is. SIF_6_1_39.pdf
  23. I have eaten Ramaria formosa before, by accident, thinking that was I'd collected was growing on buried wood. They did not taste good. Maybe if you cooked them until the cows come home... I suppose they are edible, because I did not get sick. By that definition, I suspect most mushrooms are "edible." And in fact, every mushroom is edible...once. Experimenting on your own is not the way to go if you expect to live a good, long life. Regards, Bruce
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