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  3. Small grass lawn, 1/10 acre. Sandy loam. <1/2 mile from Lake Michigan. Legacy contamination nearby
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  7. What kind of mushrooms Are these? Is this possible that these are liberty caps?
  8. Here's a link to a website that publishes morel sightings throughout America: https://www.thegreatmorel.com/morel-sightings/ Looks like they're creeping northward 👍🏼
  9. Morel season here in northern Indiana usually runs between the last week of April to the first or second week of June but in the average, prime time is the first three weeks of May.
  10. The blacks usually come in first and then the grays and then the yellows. It's mostly based on soil temperature and that changes every year. Blacks pop above 45°F Grays closer to the 50° and above and the yellow seem consistent at closer to 60°. I usually probe the soil at a depth of 2"-3" and test in the morning and the evening to get a mean temp. They do pop earlier on southern facing slopes. I hope you find the mother load. I've been hunting morels for almost 20 years and I've never found more than a a couple pounds and never have found that elusive mother load. Hopefully this year will be different lol
  11. I now live in NC, my son has land where morel are found 45 minutes NE of Indy. What I need is someone knowledgeable in morel to tell me when they are coming up. Then I'll jump in car and drive there. Mike
  12. I can see when and where the forays are in Fort Wayne. I live there. How can I join the foray? Also are there any other kind of guided morel hunts near me? I have searched for three years now and have not found one. Im not discouraged but I think I need a nudge towards where I can definitely find some.
  13. My wife and I would definitely be interested in joining up and Hunting. We haven't been able to for awhile now. This year we're free to hunt. We live in Fort Wayne. I left my email if you want to use it.
  14. Heavens Yes! I'm just trying to start a group and a 'Plan'! Anybody can join. Where do you live Tall Paul? You can always just email me at daleandrewgriffin1959@gmail.com too.
  15. Hi, I am retired and would be interested in mushroom hunting . I used to hunt morels in Michigan but that was 40 years ago but I do not know where to go anymore. Can anybody join? Tall Paul
  16. I should probably clarify - I'm not looking for people to take me to their favorite spots - I have 200 acres to hunt! I want to go to the State Parks, State and National Forests, and several other places I'm mapping out! I just think it would be fun to hunt with other people my age that enjoy a walk in the woods looking for Mushrooms.
  17. Consider one more point: Chaga should not be collected in regions with high radioactive backgrounds. It is known that the degree of accumulation of radionuclides by fungi strongly depends on what and where they grow. Fungi growing on wood always accumulate radioactive elements to a much lesser extent than soil ones. The season of collecting chaga, no matter what you read about it, does not matter. Just proceed from when you have free time or when the Chaga is seen best. Usually, chaga mushroom is most convenient to extract in winter. At this moment, the forest is bare, and large black sclerotia are perfectly visible against the background of white birches and white snow.
  18. I'm near Lafayette - but my 'Bucket List' is to hunt from southern IN up into MI!
  19. Where is your home area? May be able to connect you with other locals.
  20. I'm recently retired - old but young at heart! I am looking for comrades to hunt mushrooms with throughout IN! I like hunting alone - but it gets boring! Looking for fun individuals to form a group! Interested?
  21. Consider one more point: Chaga should not be collected in regions with high radioactive backgrounds.
  22. I know this is super late but I think it also could have been amber jelly / Excidia Recisa I have one of these growing on a willow in my yard. They look fairly similar and are also edible. Anyone have tips on telling the two apart? I’m just getting into mycology so sorry if this is off topic or I’m reviving a thread that’s way too old haha
  23. Hi Bruce, I believe this is Spongy Mazegill. Spongipellis delectans. Check it out and see if it meets the identification for what you found.
  24. If you're talking about aquatics, see https://bloomington.in.gov/sites/default/files/2017-06/Griffy Lake Aquatic Vegetation Management Plan Feb 2017.pdf If it's land stuff, I suspect autumn olive, bush honeysuckle and/or garlic mustard. Bruce
  25. Not Hericium. I don't know what it is. Bruce
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