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  3. Any will work. Downloadable here: https://mycomap.com/calendar/event-slips?event=130
  4. Ive researched them in all aspects for well over a decade, and all that comes with it. I have the stamets books and the psilocybin bible etc if you wanted to borrow them. I was a trip "shaman" or guide, have hundreds of trips under my belt etc. I was what they call commonly as a psychonaut. Hit me up, I'm also on telegram to chat. I also have spore prints etc if you wanted to study them yourself. I recently had a kid so my lab and stuff has been taken down and put away.
  5. Absolutely. Making chemical compounds (or plants that contain them) illegal to possess is both ethically wrong and practically ineffective, and offends my libertarian sensibilities. In that context, perhaps my final statement should be turned around: "You can get much the same effect from a standard dose of Prozac as you get from half a mg of psilocybin." I know one person who micro-doses on mushrooms as a way to chase away the blues, and it seems to be effective for her. In doing so, she's not even getting high, really. Both LSD and psilocybin have a very high margin of safety, even when compared to commercial medications. Any negative effects are mental, not somatic; and an actual "overdose" (in the sense that it's life-threatening and requires medical intervention) is almost unheard of. I will state that actual mushrooms do contain other compounds for which the same statements may not be accurate. When exploring natural sources, you have to take into account all of the components in the mix, not just the one you consider to be "desirable." Take it from a chemist who worked in the pharmaceutical industry for 30 years (and is glad to be out). Bruce
  6. What field data slips should we use for Indiana specimens collected outside the dates for the Continental Mycoblitzes ?
  7. As always, you have been very helpful. I was hoping that you had some input on this topic and you did not disappoint. Thanks Bruce!
  8. I've seen and heard Stamet's name brought up in a few different articles I've read, regarding chemical analysis of these. Thanks for your reply! I study natural medicine and have found a lot of benefits in many mushrooms, growths and plants and I love helping people escape the dependence on allopathy, ESPECIALLY in wake of CONVID19. So I certainly see that this is something to study for when the SHTF and we need to go "berserk."😂🤣
  9. HFG -- You should probably check out the psychedelic research site at https://maps.org/ They're leading the way. I've fully explored those realms, mostly as a college student in the late 70s. It can certainly provide a new way of looking at things, and give you insight into how the human brain works. I think many people would benefit from being shocked out of the kind of complacency that leads to narrow-mindedness and the belief that you already have everything all figured out. The experience is both ego-shattering and humbling, if the dose is high enough. And yet, there are diminishing returns. Most the benefits come from the first few trips. After that, it's all just variations on a theme...impressive almost every time, but you're no longer learning anything. Micro-dosing seems to be the latest craze...just a mg of psilocybin, or even less, as a mood elevator and to aid in creativity. I haven't explored that very much, but I can't imagine it providing the same insights. You can get much the same effect with a standard dose of Prozac. Bruce
  10. https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/146790893
  11. https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/146813482
  12. https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/146790856
  13. I neglected to read the "In regards to possible benefits beyond a recreational mind trip". sorry about that, adhd kicked in
  14. I'm in no way an expert on psilocybin, but I have taken it twice, the first time it was a palm sized dose so I didn't trip, now for context, I have bad anxiety, depression, adhd, anger issues, and autism, when taking them the first time, I had no anxiety, my depression was non existent, and my adhd wasn't acting up. The second time i did trip, but the day after I had taken it I woke up to no anger, now to be clear, I still get agitated by little things every once in a great while, but after that second trip, my anger issues are 10 times better and easier to not only deal with but to control as well, Ive heard paul stamets talk a lot about psilocybin and the effects it has on the human brain, and he describes that psilocybin stimulates neurogenesis, which is essentially the process of your neural pathways stemming out and creating new ways of thinking, for example (disclaimer this is not the full story), paul stamets when he was a teen in high school, had a really bad stuttering problem caused by social anxiety, he took psilocybin, and the next day when he went to school he passed this girl he had grown quite fond of, he had never been able to talk to her because of his anxiety and every time he would try it was just a mess of incoherent stuttering, but the day after he'd taken it he went to school and she said hello to him in the hallway as she passed, and for the first time in his entire life, he was able to say hello without stuttering.
  15. I've seen a bunch of spamming recently, here and other platforms with the intention of selling psilocybin mushrooms or spores. I dismiss the spam, yet psilocybins have become a much more common theme recently among mycologists, which has led me to do some searching out in the matter of possible health benefits. There's conflicting information about this topic, so I wondered if anyone wanted to share what they've learned in regards to possible benefits beyond a recreational mind trip. I've learned that psilocybin gets desphosphoralated to become psilocin, which breaches the blood-brain barrier and ecites the sensory nerves in ways that enhance the overall sensory system and I'm thinking that there may well be some extremely useful benefits to such a situation, to the mind and to the body, however, I also see that this is something that shouldn't be done without being aware of risks with dosage. I do remember when Steve found that gymnopilus at Shades, which is not even supposed to be native to the area lol. From my research, most controlled substances are not controlled for any moral reasons, as is portrayed, but are controlled so that the pharmaceutical industry can maintain their monopolies on proprietary chemicals that they produce for the allopathic medical field. The same investors in the pharmaceutical companies are also invested into the "war on drugs" and have holdings in private prisons around the world, so that they can ensure a steady money flow and that people will be beholden to their monopoly on medicine. Yes, there is a vast conspiracy that the conspirators themselves have openly admitted. So beyond that, has anyone looked into any research done in this arena of psilocybin mushrooms before?
  16. Dreivayn Wera


    This album will soon be filled with all of my findings
  17. When I tried to post a bunch of findings all at once it wouldn't post them all, and it made a bunch of repeat images, I'm trying to fix this but it wont let me edit my album.

  18. Indiana Events 2022 January 22 - Morel Mushroom Course – Online - 1pm - 5pm - More Information - Register January 29 - Wild Mushroom Course - Online - 9am - 5pm - More Information - Register February 21 - Mushroom Talk - Carmel Clay Parks - Online - 6pm - 7:30 pm April 18 - Morel Talk - Carmel-Clay Parks & Rec - 6pm April 23 - Salamonie River State Forest - 1pm - 3pm - Going to reschedule as not much will be out. April 24 - Wildflower Weekend Mushroom Walk - Eagle Creek - Indianapolis, IN - 2:00 - 3:30pm April 30 - Eagle Marsh, Ft. Wayne - iNaturalist City Nature Challenge - 1pm - 3pm (Not a morel hunt) - Office at 5000 Smith Rd. May get mucky April 30 - Dunes State Park - 10am - 1pm (Central Time) - Wilson Shelter Parking Lot (Led by Rob Hallock) May 1 - Fox Island County Park - iNaturalist City Nature Challenge - 11am - 1pm (Not a morel hunt) June 4 - Indiana Academy of Science Bioblitz - Beanblossom Bottoms - Ellettsville, IN - Species List June 18 - Wild Mushroom Course - 9am - 5pm - More Information - Register June 25-26 - Howard County Bioblitz - Camp Tycony - Support Team Fungi - Species List July 9 - Tippecanoe River State Park - 11am - 1pm - Cancelled due to dry weather and lack of fungi August 5 - August 14 - Online Summer Foray 2022 - More Information - Download Field Data Slips - Join the Project August 6 - Brown County State Park 1pm - 3pm - Led by Stephen Russell - Join us! August 6 - Tippecanoe River State Park - Nature Center - 10:30am - Led by Chris Christensen - Join us! August 6 - Fort Wayne - Franke Park - 11am - Led by Brianna Parrent - Join Us! August 7 - Bloomington Walks - Griffey Woods; Leonard Springs 9am - 10:30am; 11:00 - 12:30 - Led by Stephen Russell - Join Us! August 8 - Brown County/Nashville Parks - 10am - 12pm & 5pm - 7pm - Meeting Location - Led by Brian Hunt - Join AM - Join PM August 9 - Weiler-Leopold Nature Preserve - West Lafayette/Otterbein (Warren Co) - 5:30 - 7:30pm - Led by Susan Schnerre - Join Us! August 13 - Dunes State Park - Wilson Shelter - 10am - Led by Rob Hallock - Join Us! August 13 - Mounds State Park - Nature Center - 12:00pm - Led by Eric Hensley - Join Us! August 13 - Shades State Park Walk - 1pm - 3pm - Led by Stephen Russell - Join Us! August 13 - Washington County - Beck's Mill - 10am - 2pm - Led by John Mead - Join Us! August 14 - Turkey Run State Park Walk - 9am - 11am- Led by Stephen Russell - Join Us! August 14 - Delaware County Private Land - 1pm - Led by Nathaniel Lee Cecil - Join! August 27 - Celery Bog - West Lafayette, IN - 1pm - Join us! August 28 - Dunes State Park - 11am EST / 10am CST - 1pm - Join us! October 14 - 22 - Online Fall Foray 2022 - More Information - Download Field Data Slips - Join the Project October 14 - Salamonie River State Park - 6pm to 7pm - Meet at Three Falls Trailhead - Join Us! October 15 - Pokagon State Park Walk - 1pm - 3pm - Meet at Nature Center - Join Us! October 16 - Ouabache State Park Walk - 1pm - 3pm - Meet at bison. Join Us! October 16 - Indiana Dunes State Park - 10 am - noon - Meet at Wilson Shelter - Led by Rob Hallock. October 22-23 - DNA Sequencing with MinION Course - More Information - FULL Other Events 2022 August 17 - 21 - Telluride Mushroom Festival - Telluride, CO - More Info September 15 - 18 - NAMA Northwoods - Cable, WI - FULL - More Info September 16 - 19 - NEMF 2022 - Joliette, Quebec, Canada - More Info September 23 - 25 - Gary Lincoff Foray - Allegheny County, PA - More Info - SDR Attending September 23 - 25 - Midwest Mushroom Camp 2022 - Delton, MI - More Info September 28 - October 2 - NAMA National Foray 2022 - Potosi, MO - More Info - SDR Attending
  19. Velvet Foot Enoki (Flammulina Velutipes) mushrooms grow during the late fall and winter on elm trees and they just so happen to share the same habitat with the elusive, and much prized morels. Enokis are much easier to spot from a distance because of their orangish color. If you find enokis in the winter, you have a much higher probability of finding morels in that same location in the spring. I just learned that recently, so I plan to be putting it to the test. I also found these shelf mushrooms. I think they are mock oysters, but I'm unsure. I found a lot of winter delights yesterday.
  20. I realized that (about it not being a mushroom) after I posted it. Thanks I have just recently started to learn more about it and it appears to have some really tremendous medicinal value to it, from balancing sugar/ insulin levels, introducing Betulinic Acid to target cancer cells (if the chaga was growing on birch), loaded with up to 85% max capacity of antioxidants the body can use, high in melanin, great for fending off skin cancer & generating vitamin D; that's just the tip of a very beneficial iceberg, with all the compounds it holds. There are some benefits that can only be gotten while the chaga is fresh and moist. The taste is very subtle with hints of malt, coffee, trace vanilla. It goes very well with coffee or cocau, cream and maple syrup for a hot chocolate drink. I've read that it removes the bitterness from coffee and enhances the robustness of coffee beans; I'll be trying that soon enough lol It tastes great by itself with nothing, but it is a really friendly ingredient to many things. The tea will stay in the fridge for over a month. Using it in bread will extend the bread life. Just seems there are so many uses for this. I'm loving it. Can't wait to one day find Lion's mane and Reishi
  21. Not really a mushroom (fruiting body), but a mass of mycelium. A decoction is supposed to be good for all kinds of ailments and I've seen this sold in health food stores at remarkable prices. Always wondered what it tastes like, though. Bruce
  22. Today I found my first find of Chaga. But it wasn't just one fruiting body, it was seven different mushrooms on two different trees. Both of them were River Birch trees, which I didn't think would grow on. I know they aren't very common in Indiana (especially the further south you go), but I was joyful to be able to harvest these on river birch trees on the bank of a creek in sandy soil in a well shaded area. The trees were alive, but not looking very healthy. I just wanted to share my find! I'm always up for a mushroom hunt in northwest Indiana.
  23. Hi! I am very interested in even paying someone to help me with Exactly what you stated, " I'm offering to help clone or isolate wild samples for use in your own learning or to cultivate, even to create a liquid culture. I can also help make spore syringes" Many mushrooms are currently growing on my property. I would like to use them to make more and eventually have a fungi farm of my own. My intention is to get the license to sell, next year when the classes are available again. Aside from selling locally, I am more interested in making teas and tinctures for health benefits only. I am not interested in growing any psilocybin shrooms, so no worries there. Please call me if you are willing and able to even spend a day to help me. I would greatly appreciate it. 7658085036 Miranda
  24. Looks like a shaggy parasol, but there are toxic lookalikes. I ate the wrong one early in my learning. I was violently ill for two days.
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