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  1. Too old to eat and to identify for me, you really need a gill shot as well. Possibly Pluteus sps. And there's a good chance you have two different varieties of mushrooms, just noting the stem size difference.
  2. Top photo looks like mica caps. Next down, maybe underside picture of Mica caps. Bottom photo needs a shot of the gill side for clarity, but from this angle it could be a Pluteus sps.
  3. Possibly an old resinous polypore. I think not a Ganoderma sps. Maybe it would still have the spice fragrance. It would be very subtle, warm it up and or breathe on it before sniffing.
  4. If steve Russell doesn't get back with you. Hit me up and I'll get you information on where to send samples. Pics and samples are best. Also a better place to post these pictures for ID is Indiana mushrooms on Facebook. It's a very active sister group of Hoosier mushroom society founded by Steve as well. Good admin's on there.
  5. Well, can't say for sure, that's a bit different. I alerted Steve Russell of the post. So he'll get back with you most likely. It may be something completely different than we're discussing.
  6. I'll venture a guess of a possible old Ganoderma sps. Possibly sessile.
  7. Well, it could be a Gyromitra sps. Not sure. What part/ county of Indiana did you find it? I'll have Steve Russell take a look at this, he may want a sample.
  8. Possibly Ganoderma sps on top and possibly Turkey tail on bottom. An under shot of most fungi along with a photo of the top will greatly assist in identification.
  9. Go to false mushrooms demystified and post this. doesn't look like eseulenta to me. Most likely G. caroliniana. They will guide you properly. Most likely edible with precancerous. And maybe no toxins in this if cooked thoroughly. Get their advice.
  10. I'll be sure Steve gets a look at this today most likely and have him get back with you.
  11. Just get a sample, post the picks and send a sample to to Steve Russell. He may contact you or I'll PM his address to send it to.
  12. If this one does come back as Chaga it would only be the second one documented in Indiana, both I think were from northern Indiana. So I think if you have a possible Chaga species, I'm sure Steve Russell would like another, especially if from a more southern location.
  13. It does look like Chaga, but I'm not good with pictures. If you have the geo tag on and you found it in Indiana, Steve Russell may be interested. Only one confirmed in Indiana so far. Or post it in Indiana mushrooms on Facebook. That's a sister group to this one and is more active.
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