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  1. Chris, haven't heard back from anyone yet. If you can, go ahead and send me the info on where I should send the samples and I will get those sent out pronto. I will also check out the sister fb cite and post there.
  2. Is there a Gyromitra sps. mushroom with no stalk? These have zero stalks on them. Or at least none to the naked eye that I can detect.
  3. Chris, our farm is in Prairieton Indiana. Is there a forum where it gives instructions on how to send samples? We left many behind because we were unsure if they were edible. We are still not 100% sold that this is a Sparaissa Crispa but I can find not other fungi that is similarly described. But I did pull up a small amount so we had enough to cross reference. I will be more than happy to send the 4 samples we pulled. Please let me know what Russel says. They definitely smell of cedar and fungi. Thank you for looking into this for us!
  4. Came across a good patch of these while we were looking for morels on the property. They were growing on some wood chips that have the scent of cedar. Mushrooms are large and lobed like califlower but I thought April was too early for these kinds of mushrooms. The root structure is veined and and the same color as the body, so mostly white. In my 25 years of hunting this is our first time sighting these on our property. These are white mushrooms with the tips starting to turn slightly off white and tan. Sighting April 12, 2020 around 5pm EST, during 50-60° temperature range.
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