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  1. https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/38368397?fbclid=IwAR3uLmW7jzLhSFBAnYxZpLJrMcJ7QKbhc6dkKWsnuo4bBViVTP58FGq95c0 This is what he posted so far. Has only been a few days and I'm sure he's pretty busy. Will keep an eye on it over the next few weeks to see any updates
  2. Just as an update it seems it is confirmed as chaga. Sent a sample to Russel the president of indiana mushrooms
  3. Ok got a few more pictures but the lighting this time of year is awful. Also, will post on the Facebook thing just waiting for join request. There was also a small spot coming through on the other side of the tree. Found another one that looked similar though a lot smaller. Both trees had the same toadstool as shown in pic
  4. Its definitely a fungus of some kind, not a growth of wood. I'm going to go back today and try to grab some better pictures
  5. Yes sorry, was NOT on a birch tree. I'll try the pictures again.
  6. So I found what I'm pretty sure is chaga...only problem it was on a birch tree! See picures. Any help would be appreciated! As a bonus I also found some late frozen oysters! still had a few good ones! (the glove was for my friend who said I was wasting my time)
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