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  2. BossHogg

    Chantrelles or young Jack o Lanterns

    Time to go picking after work tomorrow. There has to be a couple lbs within a 100 yards of my house. Ill post a pic then.
  3. Hoosierfunguy

    Chantrelles or young Jack o Lanterns

    Mmmmm. A little bit of fresh garlic cooked in butter with a splash of balsamic vinegar, sauteed over a medium heat until fully cooked. Yum,yum, I'm going hunting!!!
  4. Hoosierfunguy

    Can u help me identify this species

    It's always best to be safe. "When in doubt throw it out" after taking notes, if course...lol. Some things to note Gills color, size, style Pores, shape, density, color Bruising coloration of the cap, stalk, gills, flesh... Cap, shape, color, texture, various other, characteristics Spore print Stalk, Mycelium Habitat, trees, plants, soil, topography, etc. Once you've certainly and positively IDed some choice edibles, you open up a whole new level of culinary possibilities. Just a personal lesson : If there's a poisonous look alike that has to be differentiated by looking at the spores under a microscope to determine their shape, size and count, it's not worth the risk of being ill. Thankfully, most choice edibles can be positively IDed with the naked eye.
  5. BossHogg

    Chantrelles or young Jack o Lanterns

    Here is what they look like inside.
  6. Yesterday
  7. BossHogg

    Can u help me identify this species

    Its definitely a coral mushroom, but im not gonna sample it. I will stick to hens, chickens , n chanterelles if i can find all 3 this year
  8. Hoosierfunguy

    Can u help me identify this species

    They look like immature coral mushrooms. Look up Clavulina cristata and be sure of a positive ID if you plan to sample them
  9. Hoosierfunguy

    Chantrelles or young Jack o Lanterns

    One simple test is the flesh. If thw inside flesh is yellowish orange, it's a Jack. If the flesh is white, it's a chanterelle.
  10. BossHogg

    Chantrelles or young Jack o Lanterns

    I hope they are as there is probably a 100 or so those were the biggest the rest just bloomed. I will check back in a couple days n see if the false gills begin to form. I thought maybe they could be false chanterelles also.
  11. BossHogg

    Chantrelles or young Jack o Lanterns

    They are growing under a pair of mature beech trees in a woods with a lot of oaks n shagbark hickory. Kind of a damp woods with little low spots in it.
  12. Dhuntington

    Chantrelles or young Jack o Lanterns

    Not positive but they look more like young chanterells. Do you have any pics of where they were growing. If not can you describe where they were growing
  13. As you can see i am new to summer/ fall mushroom hunting, but i believe these are jack o lantern
  14. Found a few of these just outside my yard. They look past prime but i found some last year in the same spot.
  15. Hoosierfunguy

    Hens n chickens

    Chickens have been fruiting since at least late may and should continue throughout the summer. Hens usually don't come out until September/ October.
  16. Karen

    What is this? :o

    It resembles a coral slime maybe.
  17. Karen

    One of my fav's because purple :D

    Beautiful photo.
  18. Karen

    First time finding these

    Very Nice Composition.
  19. Karen

    This one was hiding

    Beautiful photo.
  20. Karen

    This was a lot smaller than it looks...

    A beautiful photo.
  21. BossHogg

    Hens n chickens

    I am an avid morel hunter but never have hunted hens n chickens. So i am just not sure how early is too early for the hens n chcikens to come up for the first time in summer. Does anyone think these rains last couple days will make it happen?
  22. Last week
  23. Dhuntington


    Should be i have been finding them around the danville il area for a couple weeks
  24. Christi Malasto


    Anyone know if the chanterelles are in Indy yet?
  25. Karen


    Wonderful photo.
  26. Karen

    Bicolor bolete

    A beautiful photo. I've seen Bicolor Boletes in Louisville Ky, , and Clarksville Indiana.
  27. Karen


    Beautiful composition.
  28. Karen


    Very Nice photo.
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