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  3. The recent rains have really brought out the puffballs in central Indiana. Over the past two days I've collected Lycoperdon perlatum, Lycoperdon pyriforme and Calvatia cyathiformis, along with a smattering of Agaricus campestris . A couple of photos are attached.
  4. That looks like a Meadow Mushroom.... I've been finding these myself lately. Note the partial ring remnant around the stem and the detached, pink gills which *should* soon turn a dark, chocolate brown when it starts releasing spores. The stem should NOT bruise yellow, nor should the mushroom have a disagreeable (creosote-like) odor. They typically grow in arcs or "fairy rings" in grass, NOT in the woods or at the base of trees. If I've identified this correctly, they are closely related to the button mushrooms found in grocery stores and are themselves quite tasty, although a little stronger in flavor. Fall is also a good time to start looking for puffballs of all kinds. Finally, if you spray your lawn with herbicides, fertilizers or other chemicals you need to be finding someplace else to harvest mushrooms for consumption. Be careful out there!
  5. I think it could be a fawn mushroom, but am not entirely sure. Someone more knowledgeable than me will have to verify. Generally speaking you need to get some books and become familiar with mushrooms yourself. I can't speak for others, but I don't want to be even partially responsible for you getting sick (or worse). Rumor has it that those who run the mushroom society also have occasional forays that you can tag along on but I've never participated in these myself. Be careful out there!
  6. Are these edible? What are they called. We have a bunch in our yard
  7. Trying to identify this type found in my yard. We have lots of woods nearby. Hand for size reference. We're trying to figure out if it's an edible variety or not.
  8. Well we've had a lot of rain this week, hoping it brings them out🤞🏿
  9. I have only seen one small one so far. I think a few got thrown up early. The major harvest is still to come.
  10. I live in east central illinois and so far i have found one small one. I think the lack of rain and cooler temps has delayed them.
  11. Not sure if it's lack of rain (dry season) but in the last 2 weeks I haven't seen a single sheep head. BTW, I'm in Northwest, In
  13. Are these honey mushrooms also and are they edible? I have never seen other mushrooms grow in clusters like this so I wanted to verify if there are any "look a likes" that are poisonous.
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  15. I would get a couple good field guides and try to find someone to help you learn. One guide i would get is, Edible Wild Mushrooms of Illinois and surrounding States. If possible find someone close to you and see if they will help you learn some of the good ones.
  16. There are many mushrooms whose edibility has not been established. The pictured mushrooms bear no resemblance to oysters. If they are indeed honey mushrooms, you got lucky. There are plenty of poisonous mushrooms in Indiana, and some of them are deadly. Please educate yourself and be 100% sure of what you have before eating. No mushroom is so tasty that it's worth risking your life for.
  17. The final two could be Chanterelles and a Russula. But more images would be required to confirm.
  18. I will open registration for it this weekend.
  19. No they are Honey Mushrooms
  20. We ate these last night. Should we be concerned? Thought they were oysters, but now I'm not so sure. Thanks for any info.
  21. Thank you, I'm not on Facebook but I'll have my wife check it out.
  22. I am hoping they update the site soon. If you have Facebook, they have a page there that usually has more and up to date info.
  23. Hello, I'm new to this site, hoping to learn more about edible mushrooms that grow in Indiana throughout the year. I was interested in the event listed on the home page at Tippecanoe State Park on the 14th. The place to register isn't a link and I can't get any information about the event. Does anyone know if it's still on and if it would be an interesting event? I'm not sure if this site is being maintained and updated regularly.
  24. Armillaria mellea

    Selmier State Forest




  25. Very large Lactifluus volemus.



  26. That's exactly what it is
  27. until
    Greetings all, This walk was originally scheduled for September 16, but we are moving it back one week to Saturday September 23rd from 1pm to 3 pm. Meet at the firetower near the buffalos.
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