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How do I become a dues paying member? I can't seem to find a link to join.

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Secondly, I'm trying to get access to the FB group but I just started a new account to represent our micro-farm efforts and shut down my 15 year old personal account. I've emailed Steve just now about access. 

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Elsewhere on this site it mentions a dues paying membership. I'm trying to start learning as much as I can about mushrooms, wild and propagated, and was hoping this would be a good educational resource.

As for the FB group, Hoosier Mushrooms seems to be the owner/admin of it. I keep trying to post there and keep getting rejected due to a new FB account I created for our farm endeavors.

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Guess I missed that part lol 😂

Best way to learn is 1: get field guides and a microscope and go at it, straight up, + 2: research papers research papers research papers..there are centuries worths in Chinese medicine alone. 3: The shroomery forums is great for all types of new age mushroom related questions from people who have and do the work. You just have to dig through the crap at times, honest.


And honestly you might get more of a following for you're micro-farm making YouTube videos or just cataloging pictures here like I have been doing with my foraging finds.

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