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  1. Xiaojun

    Pheasant back?

    Please id thanks
  2. Are these morels and half free morels? Thanks
  3. Xiaojun

    Lion’s Mare?

    Thanks! It is a little bitter when I pan fried it with Olive oil. Is it because it passed the prime? Or I should cook it a bit further to brownish?
  4. Xiaojun

    Lion’s Mare?

    I think I found one lion’s mare. Please help to ID it. Thanks
  5. Xiaojun

    Hen of the woods

  6. Xiaojun

    What is this?

    What is this?thanks!
  7. Are these Chantelle?
  8. Xiaojun

    Ganoderma sp?

    Thanks in advance!
  9. Xiaojun

    Hens of the woods?

    It was growing close to a stump of a dead tree. The photo are front and back of the same mushroom.
  10. Is this young hens of the woods? Thanks!
  11. I think they are cinabar chanterelles. Are they? Thanks in advance!

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