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Second flush of oysters

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Supposed to be king oysters but thinking that was not the case, must have mixed up liquid cultures. 

Had a contamination/moisture issues with the rest of the buckets as I got lazy so only 4 of 10 2gallon buckets fruited. Going to try cloning chanterelles with 12" egg crates as the medium like I'm doing with these oysters. Some of you may know the trash bag method and that's basically what I'm doing. Straw logs work great, straw buckets... not so much.

TLDR trash bag tek you'd take either grain spawn or the raw fresh fruit and place in the center of a stack of egg crates or news paper/books after saturating the egg cardboard with RO/distilled sterile water while in the trash bag. Tie off bag, wait 3 or 4 weeks then take the now solid block of mycelium out and put into a fruiting chamber or just open the bag enough for decent air exchange. Done


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Created a proton email for anyone who wishes to communicate with me outside the forum without giving out personal numbers etc or those who dont use telegram/messaging apps.

LiquidCultured at protonmail dot com. Replace "at" with @ and "dot" with .

Helps reduce crawler bots reading the email address and sending me spam.

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To give a better idea of what I'm talking about with the trash bag technique as I just got around to picking my flush of oysters. The reason you can generally use new egg flats without sterilizing or pasteurization with chemicals because the medium is pretty inert and doesn't aid much in bacterial growth. But since the material is paper pulp and paper is made from trees the mushrooms can create enzymes to break down and use it for nutrients. I also imagine it uses whatever energy was stored in the fruit itself that was used to inoculate these blocks. 

Had been making dripper bottles of the main chemicals used in testing mushrooms so the label cuttings etc make it look dirty in there. 




I figured I might as well grab spores while I'm at it since I've gotten a microscope and slides. I like using sterile petri over foil or card stock and once the caps are removed I will cook them or dehydrate. To the reason why I do this is because they will get wrapped with parafilm and put onto a shelf in the hood room. But also, its so when I want to make a spore swab (don't need to fill with water but I suppose you could) or syringes I can fill the petri up with water, swirl it around and then suck a ml or two up in several syringes. I've also found that when you are finished up with doing a bunch of petri work I will empty the agar discs left in the petris, clean them with isopropyl, and then reused for spore prints. Of course you can do this in a ziplock bag, filling with water and all that which is how most store their spore prints but I have an excess of petri.


I've also spore printed a few judas ears and will be trying to grow it out on agar this weekend. Anyone can request spores from things I collect and grow for free if we meet or cover shipping. Same goes with the chemical tester solutions. 

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