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Found this in my yard.

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The gills are all white. Not pink like the meadow mushroom. About 5 inch diameter. Six inches in length. I did a print the spores appear white. They do grow in a circle.

Just curious can I dry them out and send them to someone? I thought they looked like the parasol.

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I mentioned green spores as the gills in the photo appeared to have green staining. But that could be from the touch not the spores collecting on the gills. Finding them in multiple ages also helps because some gills might be pink when young then change to black as they mature etc. There are a handful of mushrooms that will fairy ring some in the Amanita genus etc. See my profile for a list of books that come highly recommended in assisting identification and lookalikes. It's best to use multiple book sources to identify. Mushroomexpert.com run by mycologist Michael Kuo has keys for must mushrooms used for identification and is another great source. He is an author of multiple books in my list.

The HMS is doing DNA sequencing for mushrooms found during the summer and fall forays. I'm not sure if they offer a paid service for collected elsewhere or otherwise.

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