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Are these poisonous?


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There are many mushrooms whose edibility has not been established. The pictured mushrooms bear no resemblance to oysters. If they are indeed honey mushrooms, you got lucky.

There are plenty of poisonous mushrooms in Indiana, and some of them are deadly. Please educate yourself and be 100% sure of what you have before eating. No mushroom is so tasty that it's worth risking your life for.

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Hard to tell for sure, but probably not. Honey mushrooms grow on wood, often buried roots in the immediate vicinity of stumps and dying trees. I don't see any trees or stumps here. 

Identifying mushrooms is not as simple as looking at a distant photo. There are some very knowledgeable people here and that helps, but if they make a mistake who suffers the consequences? I recommend that anyone interested in eating wild mushrooms get some books, educate himself, and feel free to post photos and check in here for confirmation.

Never eat ANY mushroom unless YOU know what it is. 

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To be honest, I've always been reluctant to pick and eat honey mushrooms. It's my understanding that they are not actually a single species, but a whole litany of closely (?) related mushrooms that:

-- grow clustered on tree roots around this time of year,

-- are tan to brown with a dark central umbo and close gills and a white spore print, and 

-- may...OR MAY NOT...have a partial veil.

Over several years I've encountered many mushrooms that fit that description and maybe I've done nothing but deprive myself of their enjoyment. But the fact remains that this is one that's been tough for me to hang my hat on, and in my experience even the best of mushrooms can give me all the symptoms of IBS if I eat too many of them.

Bottom line is if someone could suggest a more definitive way to tell the good from the bad regarding honey mushrooms I might become more brave.


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