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  1. I have been finding a few chanterells and black trumpets for about a week in east central illinois. Not many but some is better than none
  2. Hens come out in the fall. You will have better luck looking for them around oaks. Seems like the older the tree the better you chances. I find most of them around black and red oak. Chicken can be found from late spring till everything freezes. I have found them on many different dead or dyeing hard woods. Like Bruce said, we need rain its just been to dry.
  3. It took 2 years but finnaly found all 3 of the Hericium species in my area. East central illinois and west central indiana border.
  4. Does anyone know if these 2 forays are still going on? Time? Meeting place?
  5. Looks like black staining polypore
  6. To the best of my knowledge angle wings only grow on evergreen wood.
  7. Compare to Pleurotus pulmonarius, summer oyster mushroom.
  8. Bolete mushroom possibly in the tylopilus genus
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