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  1. Dhuntington

    Mccormick creek foray

    Is anyone else planning on attending the foray at mccormick creek on the 21st?
  2. Dhuntington

    Mccormick creek foray

    Glad you found what you were looking for
  3. Dhuntington

    Mccormick creek foray

    I have no other ideas. If you have a facebook account try getting ahold of stephen russell and ask him. He might be able to help you find the info.
  4. Dhuntington

    Mccormick creek foray

    You might have to set up a profile on it first.
  5. Dhuntington

    Mccormick creek foray

    For those interested. The foray will be from 11 to 1. We will be meeting at the lodge parking lot. Info was just posted on facebook hopfully they will update the info here soon.
  6. Dhuntington

    Mccormick creek foray

    Mc cormicks creek was good found several uncatalouged mushrooms and some that had only been documented 1 time. All in all it was a good time.
  7. Dhuntington

    Chanty time

  8. Dhuntington

    Lactarius indigo

    Nice to know. I found some earlier and have been wanting to try them.
  9. Dhuntington

    Mccormick creek foray

    Your welcome
  10. Dhuntington

    Mccormick creek foray

    Could be.
  11. Dhuntington

    Mccormick creek foray

    The one on the home page. They never updated the picture on it but the calander was. So far they dont have the registration open for it, maybe they will in the next couple days. I will also text steve tomorrow and make sure its still going on.
  12. Dhuntington

    Mccormick creek foray

    Havent posted the time yet. I plan on being there in the morning to check out more of the park before the foray. Be nice to meet up with you too Chris
  13. Dhuntington

    Order from Store

    If you have facebook, steve can be contacted there also.
  14. Dhuntington

    What is this?

    Looks like an earth ball. Not edible
  15. Dhuntington

    Id help

    Found in mixed hard woods, mostly oak. East central illinos
  16. Dhuntington

    Id help

    Dont know if he would be interested seeing as they were found in illinois. Even if he was i didnt collect them only took some pictures. If he is there were a few others i could try to collect
  17. Dhuntington

    Tasty find

    Had a good find in the woods today
  18. Dhuntington

    Tasty find

    Niether do i. Only the 2nd time in a 3 years i have found any.
  19. Dhuntington

    Id help please!

    I do belive they are
  20. Dhuntington

    Identification help

    I can see it
  21. Dhuntington

    Identification help

    Looks like pheasent back also called dryads saddle
  22. Dhuntington

    Morel course

    Morel course has been listed on hoosier mushrooms face book.
  23. Dhuntington

    Help contacting site administrator

    I agree. I would much rather do everything threw the website
  24. Dhuntington

    How to post photos?

    That is odd. When i bring up the dialog box it shows it on mine. Not sure what the problem is then. I will try and message one of the admins. And see if they know what is going on. I have also included a screen shot of what comed up on mine
  25. Dhuntington

    How to post photos?

    When you are making a post if you look at the bottom of the dialog box there is a paper clip next to it it says choose file. Click on choose file and it should open your photos. Click the one you want and it should start to down load. Hope this helps

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