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  1. Dhuntington


    Nice walleye and yellow perch. The meal sounds good
  2. Bright yellow is caused by a slime mold.
  3. Dhuntington

    Chicken of the woods?

    Going by the underside i would say its northern tooth
  4. Dhuntington

    Chicken of the woods?

    Doesnt look like chicken of the woods. If it is, its an old one.
  5. Dhuntington

    Lions Mane?

    Looks like bears head( Hericium Coralloides). Lions mane is more compact.
  6. Dhuntington


  7. Dhuntington

    Unknown polypore

    Found these at shades state park and havent been able to id them. If anyone knows what they are please let me know
  8. Dhuntington


    Some people do with honey mushroom. Most dont but that how alot of mushrooms seem to be. Friend of mine cant eat half free morels but can eat yellows and blacks.
  9. Dhuntington


    Frosts bolete
  10. Dhuntington


    Looks like ringless honey mushroom.
  11. Dhuntington

    ID help

    The ones that look like regular mushrooms are not. The deformed ones that look like odd puffballs might be
  12. Dhuntington

    Id help

    Found these the other day and havent been able to id them any help would be appreciated
  13. Dhuntington

    Id help

    Thank you very much
  14. Dhuntington

    Shades foray

    Is anyone attending the shade foray. I am going wether they open the registration form or not.
  15. Dhuntington

    Help me ID please

    If you are new to mushroom foraging i would suggest a couple good books in identification. Ones i suggest in Edible wild mushrooms of illinois and surrounding states by m. Mueller and joe mcfarland and mushrooms of the midwest michael kuo and andy methven.
  16. Dhuntington

    Help me ID please

    The orange ones do appear to be chanterelles. The others are some kind of bolete possibly lilac bolete but i am not possitve on this.
  17. Dhuntington

    Shades State Park Walk


    Steve will help with identification and will answer any questions he can. There will be lots of walking so be prepared. The on at turkey run will be the same way just a different place. There are usually others that will help also. I have been to 2 of these and have enjoyed them.
  18. Dhuntington

    Shades foray

    Good hiking shoes, bug spray, water, and be ready to do alot of walking. Also if you plan on harvesting any mushrooms a mesh bag or basket. Camera and maybe a note book. Check the weather report and may bring rain gear if they call for any. I am sure there is something i am forgeting, so if anyone has any other ideas please post them.
  19. Dhuntington


    I think the classes for this year are done but i am not sure. Might have to wait till next year.
  20. Dhuntington

    Shades foray

    Dont blame you on that, i think i might stay at waveland or at turkey run would like to both this year and i am alittle over an hour from turkey run. As for being a member i am not sure
  21. Dhuntington

    Chicken of the Woods

    Never tried them that way but i will with the next batch i get.
  22. Dhuntington

    Chicken of the Woods

    Very nice
  23. Dhuntington

    Chicken of the Woods

    Found a nice batch yesterday.
  24. Dhuntington

    Tasty find

    Found this tasty fellow over the weekend. Made for a good meal.

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