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  1. S_Proctor

    Furry fungus?

    I believe it to be stinking orange oyster. Phyllotopsis nidulans
  2. S_Proctor

    Furry fungus?

    Thought this was crepitodus from a distance..feels velvety and really thick. No stipe, attaches flat to the wood. I'm not sure what this is?
  3. S_Proctor

    Honey Mushroom

    Spore print
  4. S_Proctor

    Honey Mushroom

    I have never heard of honey mushrooms until this year and I am a little reluctant to try them, even with a positive confirmation. Some were at the base of trees and some along buried wood. Working on the spore print. I will add that to the photos when its complete.
  5. S_Proctor

    Pleurotus confirmation

    I have, prior to posting here and they both have such similar characteristics. I am particularly concerned about positively identifying the one on the stick rather than the stumps. When comparing the Angel's wings to oysters, without the experience of having both side by side to touch, smell, etc...how do you differentiate when the two are so similar?
  6. I have hunted morels my entire life, but I am a newcomer to chanterelles and oyster mushrooms. We recently acquired property that is mostly populated with tulip poplar, oak, beech, ash, elm and walnut. Cedar is scattered sporadically. I thought I would give summer/fall mushrooming a whirl. I found a couple of small chanterelle patches so far (golden and cinnabar)- and what I think are oyster mushrooms, if someone could help confirm. I don't want to mistake Angel's Wings for Chanterelles. Spore prints precede specimen they belong to. TIA.

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