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  1. I found one last weekend also but the freeze must have gotten to it. Was starting to rot already before it could reach any size. At least someone found an edible one.
  2. I was really hoping to see some Hens but I guess they aren't ready yet. I usually find both in this area every year. Here are one of the few I found last year this time.
  3. Was out checking stands last weekend and ran into this. It's was around 10 lbs or so. Let the fine dining begin.
  4. I'll have to look into it more. Not woody like most might thing...meaty and tender...With a pleasant smell. Haven't ever seen these before. Very interesting mushroom.
  5. Are these what I think they are?. I thought this old stump was a pine but I might be wrong. Sure looks like hens. Anyone? I picked a piece and layed it on top so you could see more of it.
  6. Some of the oysters I've found on my property. They were hiding under bark of a deadish Poplar.
  7. Hello everyone I'm new to this site and wanted to see if anyone have been finding any good edible mushrooms besides Morels? I've been finding a lot of Oysters and a daily basis. Happy hunting!
  8. Found these last week.