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  1. Thanks for the help!! Yeah it does look like it is a bit ragged and not in the best shape... I found another one nearby but it looked like a critter had found it and torn it all up.
  2. I just saw this in the woods this afternoon on my walk and have never seen a mushroom quite like it. Does anyone know what it is?
  3. Oops, I meant to say I think it’s a chicken of the woods...
  4. I just found this on a walk in the woods. I think it’s a checked of the woods, but it wasn’t actually growing on a tree it was a foot or two from the base of it. it’s about ten inches or so in diameter.
  5. I live in Elkhart, and was out for a jog after one of the recent rains, and found this log just covered with these. They were about the size of my hand. Unfortunately I didn't think to flip them over to take a pic of the underside. Any idea what they are?
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