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Post you're ' 'December-January' ' mushroom finds! Stay warm 🌞


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First pic. Definitely some velvet foot, 2nd and 3rd photo like you said galerina. Don't eat! 

I've been finding a ass load of oysters and 'winter oysters' with velvet foots very close by or right on the same tree.

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Spot I picked on last month sprouting back. I walked by a couple days ago and they are loving the snow settling on them and growing big. Next set of pic will be when I pick these in a few days! (Hopefully) 🍀😂




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Maitake tree I missed!. And I say 'tree' cause there was old growth all up and down the tree. Pounds ands pounds of food!



Then I'm out of the woods walking down the road and look over the bank and boom.PXL_20240106_163709087.thumb.jpg.c544ded7c4aa0259cc60c7d053b22643.jpgPXL_20240106_163812817.thumb.jpg.d54d6aedfd038bb622790bc11f90bb2d.jpg

frozen oysters served lakeside 😂

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17 hours ago, xnme said:

Huge tree all the way past where I could see where enoki. Big ones very high up that I couldn't get pictures of!


I usually bring my light weight climbing sticks and lineman's rope when I go for chaga and enoki. I love them both very much lol less than 5lbs in a backpack to get  pretty high up. 

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Nice! I gotta find me something like that.

I could have gotten up the tree and got a good bit but it was -7 I think at that point in the morning.

Real feel was a lot worse lol so I was content with boots on the ground 😅

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