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So I Found This Agaricus, But I'm Unsure Which One. Any Assistance Would Be Appreciated

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I found these in grassy brush near a woodline that's got a lot of sassafras,  oaks,  Cherries and sumac. It's actually not far from my compost pile,  so I do wonder if this might be a feral bisporus. The spore print was a coffee-chocolate brown matching the mature gills. There was a single tiny hollow line that went straight up the center of the mostly solid and fleshly stalk. The ring did remain on the stalk and the color of the gills under the veil were a salmon to dark pink but changed quickly to brown after the veil was broken.  The caps were between 3"-5" and the flesh was whitish.  The gills were obviously detached from the stalk.  There are just so many agaricus species (about 200) I wonder if anyone knows any way to narrow it down to know if they're a choice edible or not.  


I did preserve a spore print for cultivation if I get the urge lol





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