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Appreciation For This Forum.

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I recently saw a post here about honey mushrooms,  and noticed a user advising extreme caution. I've eaten honey mushrooms that a neighbor harvested and ate every year from the same stumps.  They gave me a mild upset stomach that could've been because they were misidentified,  or it could've been brought on from the placebo effect,  as I had recently misidentified two toxic mushrooms.  One I thought was a purple spore puffball, and was likely a pigskin poison,  and another was a toxic look alike to a parasol mushroom.  I acquired a couple of books and thought myself to be fairly knowledgeable after much study,  however,  that was just ignorant pride that, when swallowed,  put me in my place,  with purgative effects ?

Thankfully,  I've learned,  as many people here have, that multiple resources,  much field experience and exhaustive studies can be invaluable when identifying choice edibles,  but even with a high quality microscope, it is safe to say that the more we learn,  the more we realize we really don't know much about micology. 

I enjoy identifying a lot of various species, whether edible or not,  and I've found this forum to be very helpful, in that the participants, collectively, have decades of invaluable experience.

 I feel like a newbie among veterans and enjoy this forum, greatly.  Thank you all for your participation, and thank you to the administrator(s) for maintaining it.  Hope to see y'all in the woods.  


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Green-spored lepiota? Gotta watch out for them! I always take a spore print before eating a parasol mushroom...as a result, I've never had one in prime condition. :-)

I also enjoy this forum and am grateful to the hosts for making it available to us.

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