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Identification / Edible?

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I found a bunch of these mushrooms under some pine/fir trees.  I think they are bolete or boletus variety, but can anyone help identify them for me?  Are these edible?  I washed the mushrooms in this photo so the underside is more brown looking than it really is -- it was yellow when dry.  Some of the stems have a red striation to them (King Bolete perhaps?), but most are white to yellow.  The flesh of the mushroom is white or yellowish-white.

From what I've read most boletes are edible, but some are poisonous and can make you sick (but not deadly) -- is this accurate?

Thanks everyone!




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I agree, looks like Slippery Jack. 

"Edible" does not necessarily mean "good."

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I think you are right.  I read up on Slippery Jack mushrooms.  They look just like those I found and the mushrooms were sticky while picking and very slimy after getting wet.  Thanks!

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