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  1. I found this mushroom today on the side of a cut log. At first I thought that it was a shelf polypore but found that while it had a relatively flat top surface, the underside was composed of tooth-like structures. Doesn't look exactly like Lion's mane but not sure what else it might be. May be an older specimen. Any thoughts?? Hericium erinaceus.pdf
  2. Probably so. Cap reacted with slight yellow color to ammonia. Taste was not overly bitter but not "mushroomy" either. Thanks, Steve
  3. Found these this evening amongst hardwoods along with a few chanterelles. They do not bruise. Any ID help??
  4. Found 0.5 lbs on Sat and 1 lb of chanterelles yesterday in Carmel.
  5. Can anyone help with identification of these mushrooms?? Recently returned from a visit to my see my grandsons over Christmas in Houston, TX and took them out foraging hoping maybe to come across some oysters. They were excited to go mushroom hunting but as is not uncommon, did more "hunting" then "finding". Did find several nice Destroying Angels but came across this small clump of yellow-orange mushrooms at the base of a small dead longleaf pine. Spore print was orangish-yellow
  6. The spore print was purplish-brown which would seem to confirm brick cap
  7. Found these this morning. Are these brick caps (hypholoma lateritium)?? Mild taste (not bitter). Currently doing a spore print.
  8. I found one rather nice maitake cluster last weekend north of Indy after finally getting some rain. Going to head out tomorrow after more rain this week but may be getting a bit too late in the year
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