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mushrooms effect on depression mayo clinic www.magicshroomsshopusa.com

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“Psychedelics are a class of drugs, both naturally occurring and laboratory-made, that can change one’s ways of thinking and alter perception and mood,” explains Ronan Levy, co-founder and executive chairman of Field Trip Health, a network of health centers offering ketamine-assisted psychotherapy. According to Psychedelics Today podcast co-founder and CEO Joe Moore, many “classical psychedelics” have been available in the West for decades, largely illegally and for recreational use. These include:

lysergic acid (LSD or acid)

psilocybin (magic mushrooms)

DMT  (Dimethyltryptamine)

mescaline (peyote)

In addition to the four listed above, some of the most popular psychedelics being studied right now include:

MDMA (ecstasy or molly)



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