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Any Morels in Indiana yet?

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I usually just watch thegreatmorel.com sightings map. It looks like the unseasonably warm winter brought the ground temps high enough in the southern part of Indiana,  but that shut down with the current temps over the last week. 

They'll probably be right on schedule in your area within the next couple of weeks. 


I live about two hours northwest of you,  so I don't expect them for at least 2- 3 weeks. 


I do soil temperature testing  on the south facing slopes of wooded areas, just an inch out two before the surface.  When the average temp gets to be around 11°C-12°C (52°F-54°F) they usually make their appearance. 

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Good to hear from you again! I usually say last week of April, first week of May. But I'm wrong because I see some decomposing early ones every year. Didn't think to check soil temp. Good advice. Thanks.







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