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  • One way any mushroom hunter can contribute significant value to science is by saving collections of the mushrooms they encounter. The easiest way to organize these collections is by filling out a "field data slip" for each specimen you intend to save.  When participating in a foray or while out on a hike, simply take a picture of the slip with the specimen and store the slip with the sample. This allows the number on the slip to be recorded/associated with the images and it records the size of the specimen, as each slip has a ruler on the side. The numbers make organization easy when you are dealing with many specimens and images. It also ensures the most important data is preserved which increases the scientific value of your collections.

    As you dry the specimen, remove the bottom portion of the slip and keep it with the specimen so they stay organized while they dry. Mushrooms will change their size, color, and shape as they dry, often making it impossible to sort out which species is which, unless there is some organization in the drying process. The bottom part of the slip provides you with an easy way to keep your specimens organized as they dry. 

    Once your specimens are dry, put the upper portion of the data slip in a ziplock bag with the specimen. 

    Fill out the form below to order your notepad of voucher slips. Each notepad contains 50 forms that are individually numbered. 

    Voucher Slips.jpg

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