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Found 6 results

  1. Hello, first time posting, long time lurking. I have a huge crop of these in a shadowy bed of freshly mulched hostas in my backyard. I think these are deer shield mushrooms, but I'm new to this game and I want to be sure.
  2. Found growing at base of dead ash in my yard. Believe they are oysters, but I lack the knowledge to say for certain. Also if they are, are they beyond eating in this condition?
  3. I am unsure of this one. To me it kinda resembles an oyster. But the backs and the brown spot are throwing me off. Can anyone help me ID these? This is less than half of the ones I found. All together on the same dead tree.
  4. Hello there. These giant white mushrooms have been popping up all over the lawn and are getting really big! I am pretty sure it is some sort of puffball and edible. But I wanted to double check and get a second opinion. The inside is solid white, all one texture, and with a texture similar to tofu. Thanks!
  5. Hey all, Found fruiting on the underside of a recently fallen willow tree. I'm a total amateur, but after running through a key and referencing some photos online, my guess is wood ear. Not confident enough to toss it in a soup, but I've gotta be close, right? Quite large, beautiful. What you guys think?
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