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Found 2 results

  1. Found these on a drive around greenwood off in a grassy lot. Didn't smell very inviting and the flakes get everywhere. Had a brown liquid on the caps of the flatter ones that held a lot of the odor. Being new to wild mushroom IDing I can't think what phenolic smells like or other weird smells. Wasn't chemically, but a dirty smell, not mushroomy. I can't recall the name of the bush that smells to me like cat pee, but it had that sort of odor. I didn't notice an egg or cup. Spore print was White, didn't taste it, still way too nervous about doing that even though it's regarded as "safe" so long as you don't swallow the flesh. Narrowed down to either Agaricus sp or Amanta sp using Arona's pocket guide key then moved on from there. Didn't take a cross section but can drag them out of the compost pile but might be gross by now as it's been a few days in the heat. Cap and stalk didn't change color when damaged or rubbed repeatedly.
  2. Is this an oyster mushroom? If so, how do you know? I'm pretty sure it is, but not sure enough to eat it.
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