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  1. Heavens Yes! I'm just trying to start a group and a 'Plan'! Anybody can join. Where do you live Tall Paul? You can always just email me at daleandrewgriffin1959@gmail.com too.
  2. I should probably clarify - I'm not looking for people to take me to their favorite spots - I have 200 acres to hunt! I want to go to the State Parks, State and National Forests, and several other places I'm mapping out! I just think it would be fun to hunt with other people my age that enjoy a walk in the woods looking for Mushrooms.
  3. I'm near Lafayette - but my 'Bucket List' is to hunt from southern IN up into MI!
  4. I'm recently retired - old but young at heart! I am looking for comrades to hunt mushrooms with throughout IN! I like hunting alone - but it gets boring! Looking for fun individuals to form a group! Interested?
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