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  1. The only thing I've had the nerve to eat so far was a very obvious Laetiporus I found on an old stump. It was very tasty. As for these, I was surprised by the huge grove of mushrooms of a variety that are new to my little patch of woods and was very curious about how close I had come to correctly identifying them myself. With the exception of the tiny bit I tasted and spat out, I have not eaten any of these and there's basically no chance that I will. It's just as you said, there are so many mushrooms that look like this that it's just not worth the risk. If I did get a wild hair and decide to cook some up, I would never try and justify it by saying "well some stranger on the internet said it was ok". I'm way too paranoid for that. I'm looking for some good online, self study classes on mycology. Are there any you can recommend? How did you learn?
  2. Can I provide more pics of some other features to help? I tasted a tiny piece, chewed but didn't swallow, and it tastes like a slightly bittersweet radish which also matches the profile for the Pluteus varieties here in Indiana.
  3. Hello, first time posting, long time lurking. I have a huge crop of these in a shadowy bed of freshly mulched hostas in my backyard. I think these are deer shield mushrooms, but I'm new to this game and I want to be sure.
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