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  1. What are some of the distinguishing features of an edible parasol (Lepiota procera) mushroom VS a highly toxic (Chlorophyllum molybdites) false parasol? In my front yard these large beautiful mushrooms grow. I've looked them up in Audubon Society Field Guide of North American Mushrooms. It seems I have features of both on these mushrooms I pick. For instance, they have a smooth stem, when cut across stem, it turns an immediate brownish color. It has a moveable veil on the stem. Its gills are a close smooth (not woolly) white color that does not bruise when smashed or cut. There is no greenish tint to the gills They seem to remain white. It has its characteristic warted scaled cap brownish knobbed at center with cracking appearance. The guide says parasols are choice edible by experienced mushroom hunters . Other gives violent upset vomiting. Id like to eat these if a true parasol. Any help appreciated.

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