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  1. BossHogg

    Hen of the woods

    Nice find
  2. BossHogg


    Lol. Thanks. They were extremely fresh and i rolled them in Louisiana brand seafood breading, then egg dredge, followed by panko crumbs and deep fryed them with the walleye i caught yesterday.
  3. BossHogg


    My boys n i found some nice fresh chickens today. Probably bout 10 lbs
  4. BossHogg

    Chantrelles today

    Pick this nice little batch today of 125
  5. BossHogg

    Chantrelles or young Jack o Lanterns

    Noble county, Indiana.
  6. BossHogg

    Chantrelles or young Jack o Lanterns

    I have eaten 3 batches now and tried your method of butter with fresh slices of garlic and sauteed. I then added coconut infused balsamic vinegar which we happen to have and they were dandy.
  7. BossHogg

    Chantrelles or young Jack o Lanterns

    There ended up being a bunch of real small ones out there so i only picked these 24 n left the rest.
  8. BossHogg

    Chantrelles or young Jack o Lanterns

    Time to go picking after work tomorrow. There has to be a couple lbs within a 100 yards of my house. Ill post a pic then.
  9. BossHogg

    Chantrelles or young Jack o Lanterns

    Here is what they look like inside.
  10. BossHogg

    Can u help me identify this species

    Its definitely a coral mushroom, but im not gonna sample it. I will stick to hens, chickens , n chanterelles if i can find all 3 this year
  11. BossHogg

    Chantrelles or young Jack o Lanterns

    I hope they are as there is probably a 100 or so those were the biggest the rest just bloomed. I will check back in a couple days n see if the false gills begin to form. I thought maybe they could be false chanterelles also.
  12. BossHogg

    Chantrelles or young Jack o Lanterns

    They are growing under a pair of mature beech trees in a woods with a lot of oaks n shagbark hickory. Kind of a damp woods with little low spots in it.
  13. As you can see i am new to summer/ fall mushroom hunting, but i believe these are jack o lantern
  14. Found a few of these just outside my yard. They look past prime but i found some last year in the same spot.
  15. BossHogg

    Hens n chickens

    I am an avid morel hunter but never have hunted hens n chickens. So i am just not sure how early is too early for the hens n chcikens to come up for the first time in summer. Does anyone think these rains last couple days will make it happen?

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