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  1. What field data slips should we use for Indiana specimens collected outside the dates for the Continental Mycoblitzes ?
  2. Is the Foray at Tippecanoe State Park tomorrow still on ?
  3. Is the July 17 Indianapolis area Foray still on ? If so what time and where will we gather ? I hope to attend, but must start making travel plans soon.
  4. Is the Foray at the Salamonie River State Forest for tomorrow on ? When I click on the link it takes me to the canceled 2020 Foray at the same location.
  5. Is there an in person group foray at Whitewater St Pk on Saturday 8-15-20, or only individual On-line forays ? If the former, where is the meeting point, and when are we to meet? Same questions for Mounds St P on Sunday 8-16-20
  6. Are the June 27 and 28 forays still on ? There is no clickable way to sign up that I can see. If still on, where are we meeting?
  7. Thanks for the suggestions. By chance I found what I was looking for under iNat project “” Indiana fungi 2019”” then scrolling through the pictures until I got to the date of the foray. ?
  8. Ok. I now have an account with iNaturalist, a profile there, and am logged in to their account. I also have an account and profile w Hoosier Mushroom Society and am logged in to this account. I went to the search box under ‘’projects’’ in iNat, typed in ‘’McCormick Creek Foray’’. There was no result. Last year, for the few forays I was able to attend there was a link to the project for each foray in the Hoosier Mushroom Society ‘’Events’’ schedule on the home page, but this year there is not. I am an internet under- user so I may be missing something so basic that more adept users may not be able to conceive of missing it. Do I just need to know the correct search term for the project. Is there even a project ? Any suggestions ?
  9. Can anyone l help me figure out how to access the iNaturalist project that I assume/hope is created for the McCormick Creek Foray, (which I attended and greatly enjoyed)
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