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  1. J. M. Miller


    Approximately 4".
  2. J. M. Miller

    Lion's mane

    They were a bit porous but the tips were tender. The one I harvested several months ago were absolutely perfect... yield over 18 #.
  3. J. M. Miller

    Lion's mane

    Then to work that Lion's mane meal off this afternoon, I hiked looking for hens... nada. But, I found chickens.
  4. J. M. Miller

    Lion's mane

    On my property in Brown Co. Dry sautee, added butter, minced garlic, thinly sliced onions, black pepper, fresh thyme and heavy cream. Served over pasta. I'm stuffed!
  5. J. M. Miller

    Lion's mane

    Found on 09.26.18
  6. Delicate find... Fairy Sparklers aka Xylaria tentaculata.
  7. J. M. Miller


    The Black Chanterelles are starting to flush once again. Seems like this is the year of the black horns. I have found more this summer than I've harvested in the last 10 years. Over 500 so far. Just look at all those tiny perfect blacks waiting for me to snip them!
  8. J. M. Miller

    Chicken of the Woods

    Made the "chicken" Alfredo tonight with garlic bread ... excellent! 7 days of Chicken of the Woods all fixed differently. 14+# in the freezer!
  9. J. M. Miller


    I found this flush on July 4, 2018. Seems early this year... one of my favorites also.
  10. J. M. Miller

    Chicken of the Woods

    Thank you, Bruce. Alfredo on Sunday with the remaining chicks. The rest are in freezer.
  11. J. M. Miller

    Chicken of the Woods

    Tweeked the Chicken of the Woods sandwich. Built just like a burger with cheese, bacon, lettuce, onion.
  12. J. M. Miller

    Chicken of the Woods

    Chicken of the Woods with fire roasted red peppers & all the fixins soft tacos. Holy shisters...win.win. win from the Woods. I give this a solid 5 🌟⭐🌟⭐🌟.
  13. J. M. Miller

    Chicken of the Woods

    This was the best sandwich EVER. Sautee shrooms with garlic, thyme, & pepper. Top with Colby cheese. Stack chicken of the Woods on your bun choice, add lettuce, tomato, thinly sliced onions, & spicy mayo. Total killer veggie sandwich.
  14. J. M. Miller

    Chicken of the Woods

    I sauteed 14.5# last night to feeze. Harvested the rest a tad early as storms were forecasted and since these were on an uprooted dirt covered stump, I didn't want them getting too covered in mud.

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