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  1. Thanks for the reply guys! Being new to chantrelle I wanted to check with you all first. Any recommendations on how to prepare them?
  2. As I mentioned in my previous post I met an experianced forager and he took me out to show me how to positively ID chantrelles and showed me some of the false ones too. We also found what I believe is cantharellus cinnabarinus (which wasn't in his ID book) I had never heard of them until someone on her mentioned having found them. Here are some pictures (in the back ground you'll see some golden, I'm referring to the red orange/red smaller mushrooms)
  3. esox

    Chantrelle season yet?

    I found someone who is knowledgeable about chantrelles, he offered to take me out this week. I'll let you know how we do!
  4. esox

    Chantrelle season yet?

    Thanks The response! I assume that's down south?
  5. Howdy all, just found the sight trying to find chantrelle info in Indiana. Never looked for them but heard their easy. I just can't find definitive info when they show up. I live near Wabash/fort Wayne. No shortage of rain Thanks for any help!

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