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Hundreds of brown mushrooms??

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Just found these during a walk in the woods. There were hundreds of them on the ground around a few trees and growing out of the tree. I live in northern Indiana, but I could t find anything that looked right when I tried to identify them. I wondered about a deer mushroom, but these don’t have a ring on the stem. I thought they also looked kind of like oysters, but from what I read, oysters grew on decaying trees, not all over the ground like in the pic. Or maybe ringless honeys?  The weather got up into the 80s this last week and then dropped down into the 40sand 50s yesterday, so these are probably past their prime…. Any ideas on what they might be?







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I wondered about Brunn. myself after xnme’s reply.  I looked at the spore print from over night and here’s what it looks like. It was broken up in a few pieces so it would lay flat. But after reading more last night, are they this far out east in Indiana?  It almost seemed like they were just a western US mushroom?


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