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Found lots of cool fungi today at the park

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All images from my phone. I do have a lot of these on the DSLR in macro in the field but those need processed as I shoot in RAW format, then get the photos from over 30mb each to under 2mb so I can post here. I've also put them up on my telegram chat I link to in another post. When I have them all tidy and clean photos I'll upload to my flickr account so you guys can see full resolution and very close details. I'm dehydrating all the things I forage. Don't plan to eat any until I can get into mycologist led forays from the HMS and know a lot more.

Not sure if true chanterelle but not quite smooth and not a jack o lantern. Smell like apricots, well, at least smells like the nasal snuff I have that's apricot. I promise I'm not a hipster haha 


looked edible, type of button? but haven't started trying to ID. Probably should spend more time reading my books as I feel bad getting home and feeling overwhelmed taking multiple species and not getting to them all or skipping some for whatever reason. 



Gathered these but from google lens AI guess its not a safe mushroom (Orange mycena or start of jack o lanterns?) I'm not dehydrating



This red shelf poly smells amazing, rather soft but firm


Found on dead log, no bark


Varnish mush? Thought I'd lift the tree stump out of the ground before this came off.



This one also smelt good, found near the white polypore 2 picture's up


Jelly/wood/judas ear. Found some pristine samples, maybe 10-15 total.


Nearly impossible to remove from the downed tree trunk but also smells quite nice


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