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Looking for experienced people to learn from in person

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My name is Kevin. As there are not many forays near me happening and not everyone wants to do those I figured I'd put this line out here. I'm willing to drive within reason to meet up. I'm located in Greenwood, IN. Groups or solo. I'd even be fine just holding the bags, taking macro and profile photos, or even scribbling down your descriptions etc. I know some mushroom foragers can be iffy with new people and their intentions but I'm not interested in this to gain your personal location knowledge or what I can snag for a meal but actually learn how to identify in and out of the field any mushrooms. I've been cultivating indoors off and on for nearly 15 years, I've slowly learned some things over that time but not nearly enough and that's why I'm here. Bad with mycological terminology besides the obvious but I'm learning.

I have access to personal home lab stuffs and knowledge including a graduated glassware, lots of mixers, a few autoclaves, pressure cookers, sterile petri packs, a quality 4' long by 2' tall laminar flow hood. I can make my own agars and pour quite well, use a scalpel to do transfers or save a contaminated plate. Perform cold/hot pasteurization techniques. Spore printing, but anyone can do that :). I've gotten single strain isolations from multi-spore plates, only did this a few times mostly for the fun and to see if I could. I really enjoy working with liquid cultures and have made my fair share and lost a fair share too. I don't have any magnification equipment besides my macro lenses for the DSLR but looking to get a microscope once I learn what to get. 

Current books I've acquired to help with the journey.

  • Illustrated Dictionary of Mycology
  • Mushrooms Demystified by David Arona PB Second Edition(to pair with my pocket version)
  • Mushrooms of the Midwest, Paperback by Kuo, Michael
  • 100 Edible Mushrooms by Kuo, Michael
  • Edible Wild Mushrooms of Illinois & Surrounding States by Gregory M. Mueller and Joe McFarland
  • DK Handbook: Mushrooms The Clearest Recognition Guide by Laessoe, Thomas
  • Simon and Schuster's Guide to Mushrooms
  • Trees of Indiana Field Guide

I'm free a lot, work at home, and also a soon to be stay at home dad. I will use this knowledge when the time to homeschool get's here in the coming years. I'm also a homesteader in progress so enjoy organic gardening etc. Canning. Super easy going and laid back when the time is appropriate. 

Oh, and I don't have access to social "media" so only by phone, text, email, telegram(app).


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Donated 250 to help with sequencing from forays. I really hope to get to one eventually especially the certification classes but realize im late in season. For those who do go foraging on the day and time of a scheduled foray using inaturalist but couldn't attend the location can we send in samples to have sequenced? Using the printable cards for the event of course. 

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Planning to visit this park august 11th to look for mushrooms as there isn't rain in the forecast for a while after what we just had and i havent been there before. if anyone wanted to tag along or would also be in the area let me know. It will be in the afternoon.

Southeastway Park


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