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Anyone Seen/Harvested any Hens Yet?

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On 9/21/2020 at 5:19 PM, Hoosierfunguy said:

I know we should be in that season here,  so the hunt for the elusive Frondosa commences.  I enjoy learning about other's successes also!

Nothing here. In fact, no rain in more than five weeks. If that doesn't change soon, I can't imagine that we will, either.

I went hiking just yesterday, and carried a collection bag, in the vain hope that I might encounter something. The only mushrooms of any kind that I witnessed were artist's conk (Ganoderma sp). But in my mind's eye, I had visions of already-pinned mycelia lurking underground, just waiting for a soaking.


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I found one rather nice maitake cluster last weekend north of Indy after finally getting some rain.  Going to head out tomorrow after more rain this week but may be getting a bit too late in the year

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