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I believe it is...perhaps what they call a late fall oyster. But they usually have tinges of green. Was it growing on wood?


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9 hours ago, Hoosierfunguy said:

I didn't realize there was an oyster mushroom that wasn't white and convexed. 

There are several different oysters ranging in color from white to a purplish color. Found many in the brown color range and a yellowish one on some trees in indiana.

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This looks to me like a winter oyster, Pleurotus Ostreatus.  I've been finding a lot of these in may area lately, and they're delicious.  You can tell by the decurrent gills (extending down the stipe), as well as by color, smell, etc.  Winter oysters are often dark brown or grey on top.  (Summer oysters, pleurotus pulmonarius, are white) The best way to be sure though, is a spore print - stick it on a black piece of paper overnight and you should get a white spore print.

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