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Can touching a toxic mushroom make a child sick?

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Hello! My daughter is 7 and is obsessed with the idea that every mushroom might be a deadly angel. She touched a mushroom that was on a stick at her school and she is terrified that it was poisonous and that everything she touched afterward is contaminated with poison.

Her therapist and I have done some research but she isn't convinced. I thought I would turn to the experts and ask here. Do you have to actually EAT a poisonous mushroom to get sick? What if you touch it and then accidentally put your fingers in your mouth?

Thank you!

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Her fear sounds like it's based from the unknown,  so I would educate.  I suggest signing her up for a mycology class or getting some educational books and have her learn from "the ground, up" about mushrooms and other fungus. She'll probably have fun learning to identify the "destroying angel" and so many other beneficial mushrooms.  

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