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  5. Brett Carroll

    Lake Griffey

    Does anyone know, specifically, what invasive plant species they are trying to eradicate at Lake Griffey? I know there are many in Monroe county.
  6. Chandra

    Wood ear?

    Thanks guys!
  7. Bruce

    Wood ear?

    Looks like wood ear to me, too. One side is typically fuzzy-looking while the other is smooth. Although you should never rely on others to identify mushrooms for you, I think you're pretty safe with this one. You may be disappointed, though. Wood ears aren't exactly flavorful...they are used to add texture. Your best bet is to chop them up for a soup. A Google search will turn up plenty of recipes. Bruce
  8. Hoosierfunguy

    Wood ear?

    It does look like wood ear. I personally don't know of any toxic lookalikes. There is always a risk when consuming wild mushrooms. It's best to be certain of the identification of them prior to sampling any (even ones that are commonly choice or good edible species). Sometimes some people will have a toxic reaction to one, when others never do. When consuming a wild mushroom for the first time, I usually keep a sample in the fridge and another sample in the freezer so that any people that are survived by me can assist the coroner in knowing if this was the cause of my death...?
  9. Chandra

    Wood ear?

    I think I found wood ear, can you verify? Also, how do you usually prepare them?
  10. Hoosierfunguy

    New to this...question

    Hi Nikki and welcome to the forum. I've seen that the foray information isn't always updated on this particular site and sometimes it takes a week or more for someone to reply. If you have a Facebook account, I've read that they are more active on there than here. I don't have Facebook, so I cannot confirm.
  11. Nikki Haney

    New to this...question

    I know it says that there will be an invite to forays and such but are the invitational ones different from the scheduled ones on the calendar? The benefits were listed but I don't know what some of those things are. *sorry tried to edit it but I timed out. thanks again
  12. Nikki Haney

    New to this...question

    Hi everyone! I'm new to this and had a couple of questions. I Looked at the website, interested in going on a foray and I was wondering if I had to have a membership to participate? I wanted to purchase a membership to the HMS but I don't really know what that means. Could someone please enlighten me ? I'm really excited to have found this club. We don't currently have one where I'm located. Thanks for the help in advance.
  13. Honestly, since morel season ended, I haven't gone out looking either. I just happened to see these while fishing and found a motherload of Chanties at a friend's house around his front lawn. ?‍♂️
  14. Bruce

    ID Help

    Never took a class, but have read several books. I can recommend the following: https://smile.amazon.com/Edible-Mushrooms-America-Field-kitchen/dp/0292720807/ https://smile.amazon.com/National-Audubon-Society-American-Mushrooms/dp/0394519922 https://smile.amazon.com/Edible-Mushrooms-Illinois-Surrounding-Kitchen/dp/0252076435/ https://smile.amazon.com/100-Edible-Mushrooms-Michael-Kuo/dp/0472031260 Hope this helps, Bruce
  15. Beautiful! I haven't been out mushrooming all year. Shame on me. Bruce
  16. This was a pleasant and unexpected find while fishing the other morning. Kinda like that fawn that still has its spots. They sure look pretty, but they taste even better. lol
  17. Hoosierfunguy


    A little over a pound of good ones. They'll be consumed with delight!
  18. Hoosierfunguy


    Likely Cantharellus Lateritius aka smooth chanterelle. I've found a few really large amounts of these before. They taste just as good as a common chanterelle but not as good as a cinnabar red chanty.
  19. LilBit


    Hey there. First post and first time looking for chanterelles. Can you guys verify these are chanterelles? After a little research I think they are the smooth variety. Found south of Martinsville. They were found singly or in small clusters growing up out of the soil away from trees.
  20. TolusD

    ID Help

    The only thing I've had the nerve to eat so far was a very obvious Laetiporus I found on an old stump. It was very tasty. As for these, I was surprised by the huge grove of mushrooms of a variety that are new to my little patch of woods and was very curious about how close I had come to correctly identifying them myself. With the exception of the tiny bit I tasted and spat out, I have not eaten any of these and there's basically no chance that I will. It's just as you said, there are so many mushrooms that look like this that it's just not worth the risk. If I did get a wild hair and decide to cook some up, I would never try and justify it by saying "well some stranger on the internet said it was ok". I'm way too paranoid for that. I'm looking for some good online, self study classes on mycology. Are there any you can recommend? How did you learn?
  21. Bruce

    ID Help

    Yes, it looks like a Pluteus. I've never had the nerve to pick and eat one. Too many look-alikes. For sure I would never attempt to ID it for you only to have you get sick. I suggest you continue to educate yourself on both the mushrooms and the risks and avoid putting your health in the hands of others. Regards, Bruce
  22. TolusD

    ID Help

    Can I provide more pics of some other features to help? I tasted a tiny piece, chewed but didn't swallow, and it tastes like a slightly bittersweet radish which also matches the profile for the Pluteus varieties here in Indiana.
  23. TolusD

    ID Help

    Hello, first time posting, long time lurking. I have a huge crop of these in a shadowy bed of freshly mulched hostas in my backyard. I think these are deer shield mushrooms, but I'm new to this game and I want to be sure.
  24. SeñorDroolcup

    Online Morel Certification - Saturday 3/20/21

    I would also like to know for other species. If anyone could guide us in the right direction.
  25. Is the July 17 Indianapolis area Foray still on ? If so what time and where will we gather ? I hope to attend, but must start making travel plans soon.
  26. J Mark

    Help ID LBM

    Want to make sure of the ID on this little brown mushroom.
  27. Jessica

    Help with identifying

    Thank you, I made the raspberries into a pie. It was wonderful, this helps me for later in the season and for next year.
  28. Hoosierfunguy

    Any help identifying these boletes?

    I get a lot of bitter boletes around here and that looks like one. I have given it a quick taste and immediately spit it out to be sure. You'll know
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