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  1. Dhuntington

    Help contacting site administrator

    I agree. I would much rather do everything threw the website
  2. Dhuntington

    Morel course

    Morel course has been listed on hoosier mushrooms face book.
  3. Dhuntington

    How to post photos?

    That is odd. When i bring up the dialog box it shows it on mine. Not sure what the problem is then. I will try and message one of the admins. And see if they know what is going on. I have also included a screen shot of what comed up on mine
  4. Dhuntington

    How to post photos?

    When you are making a post if you look at the bottom of the dialog box there is a paper clip next to it it says choose file. Click on choose file and it should open your photos. Click the one you want and it should start to down load. Hope this helps
  5. Dhuntington

    100 Edible Mushrooms

    I have this book and use it alot. Along with edible wild mushrooms of illinois and surounding states by McFarland and Mueller and just got a copy of Mushrooms of the Midwest by Michael Kue and andrew Methven
  6. Dhuntington

    Id help

    Found these groing on an old log. If anyone has any ideas let me know
  7. Dhuntington

    Id help

    May figured out this one too. Posibly Tricholompsis rutilans.
  8. Dhuntington

    Id help

    Found these on the way to check my trail cams.
  9. Dhuntington

    Id help

    I may have figured this one out. Might be Cyathus stercoreus.
  10. Dhuntington

    Winter boredom

    Only one i know of is deadly galerina( Galerina autumnalis )
  11. Dhuntington

    Oyster Mushroom?

    There are several different oysters ranging in color from white to a purplish color. Found many in the brown color range and a yellowish one on some trees in indiana.
  12. Dhuntington

    Hen of the woods

    Found these on the way home from work.
  13. Dhuntington

    Hen of the woods

    Old oak tree on the edge of an old pastur had some saplings and multiflora rose trying to hide it. All around the same tree. Did find some today in a city park just starting around a young oak. Only about as big around as a soda can
  14. Dhuntington

    Hen of the woods

    Lol. 55 on a country road
  15. Does anyone knows if there is more than one type. I find them ranging in color from almost white to dark grey and various shades of tan and brown. Just wondering if they are all the species or if there were multiple species with overlapping areas.
  16. Dhuntington

    Loins mane

    Smallest lions mane i have ever found
  17. Dhuntington

    Hen of the woods

    Found my first hen of the season
  18. Dhuntington

    Hen of the woods

    Vermillion county, illinois
  19. Dhuntington

    ID Help

    That i do not know
  20. Dhuntington

    ID Help

    Not sure of the exact one but it is a type of bolete mushroom posibly boletus auripes
  21. Dhuntington

    Another id help

    Found in my yard next to a dead popular. I know its a stinkhorn of some kind but dont know what one.
  22. Dhuntington

    Another id help

    I have it drying now hopfully it drys out good.
  23. Dhuntington

    Id help

    Found these growing under oaks. No taste or smell i could detect. Flesh was firm.
  24. Dhuntington

    Another id help

    That i do not have.
  25. Dhuntington

    Another id help

    I thought that too but all the pics i found show it directly on the ground not on a stalk.

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