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  1. Your welcome sorry i couldnt help more.
  2. I dont think they have any dates set. You could check their facebook page and see if there is anything listed
  3. They should be, been a yearly thing now for a couple years. Check back in a bit and check to see if they have updated the sight or check on their facebook page.
  4. Not sure when they will update, hopfully soon. There is also a facebook site, if you can you might want to check that.
  5. It is still in very good shape. Send me information on the best way to preserve and ship it plus an address and i will gladly send it to you.
  6. Have these coming out on some fire wood can anyone id them?
  7. They do have forays, i have been on 3. They have been enjoyable and i have recived alot of good information on them
  8. You are welcome, glad i could help.
  9. Not positive but i think they are slippery jack( Suillus Luteus )
  10. Found one today that is around 6 pounds. First good one for me, i will be headed out in the morning for an all day hunt.
  11. I live in east central illinois and so far i have found one small one. I think the lack of rain and cooler temps has delayed them.
  12. I would get a couple good field guides and try to find someone to help you learn. One guide i would get is, Edible Wild Mushrooms of Illinois and surrounding States. If possible find someone close to you and see if they will help you learn some of the good ones.
  13. I am hoping they update the site soon. If you have Facebook, they have a page there that usually has more and up to date info.
  14. There is no camping at shades but turkey run is just a few miles away.