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  1. Dhuntington

    New to the group

    Welcome to the group. Not familliar with that area but i am sure there is someone here that is and could help
  2. Dhuntington

    New to the group

    Welcome to the group.
  3. Dhuntington

    Last find of the year

    Also a good book i would suggest is edible wild mushrooms of illinois and surrounding states. Depending on your location in indiana you might be able to find a member on here to go with and learn some different mushrooms.
  4. Dhuntington

    Last find of the year

    There are several types of puffballs. And yes they are edible. The picture is of a jem studded puffball. Cant find my other puffball pics right now. But you can look up the identifications of the puffball group.
  5. Dhuntington

    Are the Shitaki?

    Not shitaki that much i know, not sure what they are.
  6. Dhuntington

    New mushroom

    Possibly Peziza phyllogena. Brown cup fungus
  7. Dhuntington

    Todays finds

    Hope you get some soon. Also hope we get more, need it bad
  8. Dhuntington

    Todays finds

    Sorry alread been ate. There are more out there plan on going out again next friday
  9. Dhuntington

    Todays finds

    Good day in the woods
  10. Dhuntington

    Id help

    Found growing under cedars. Mild taste pungent but not unpleasent smell. Pores stained blue instantly flesh took 5 min or so. Blueing on flesh went away after 15 to 20 min.
  11. Dhuntington

    Mccormick creek foray

    Glad you found what you were looking for
  12. Dhuntington

    Mccormick creek foray

    I have no other ideas. If you have a facebook account try getting ahold of stephen russell and ask him. He might be able to help you find the info.
  13. Dhuntington

    Mccormick creek foray

    You might have to set up a profile on it first.
  14. Dhuntington

    Mccormick creek foray

    Mc cormicks creek was good found several uncatalouged mushrooms and some that had only been documented 1 time. All in all it was a good time.
  15. Dhuntington

    Chanty time


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