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  1. Looks like it is one of the Amanita mushrooms not sure of the exact one.
  2. Laetiporus Sulphureus is realy common around here also. Taste the same and can be found in large numbers sometimes.
  3. Not sure about your area but they are up in vermillion county. Picked 2 pounds friday
  4. It does appear to be chicken of the woods. Being white on the uderside i think it is laetiporus Cincinnatus
  5. Glad you liked it
  6. I have eaten them when young and they are good. I deep fried them in drakes batter mix after cutting it into roughly 1 inch squares. To check them to see if they are tender enough to use i cut them with a plasic butter knife, if it doesnt cut it easily then its to old.
  7. Black trumpet
  8. Not sure but it looks like berkly's polypore
  9. Unfortunatly it seams to be on online club. I joined hopeing to met some people to learn more and share what i know and i have meet a few and have recived some good help in identification from the admins. They do have some forrays but not many and i am still hoping to find more like minded people to meet up with to see what i can learn and what i can pass on. I live just over the boarder in edgar county illinois and there is only one club in this state and it focuses on the chicago area.
  10. I have been finding oysters as well and dryads saddle ( pheseant back ).
  11. I actually like them more than morels
  12. Without seeing them there is no way of identifying them correctly. A good referance for finding edible wild mushrooms is a book called "Edible wild mushrooms of illinois and surounding states" it has alot of good info in it. The best way is to learn from someone that knows what mushrooms are what.
  13. Next time we find some i will set some to the side for you