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  1. dmitch24

    Beefsteak/ elephant ear

    Thanks Bruce. That makes sense on the boiling off it is true. It’s a generational ignorance passed down at least from my great grandpa. It wasn’t until doing research on other mushrooms besides morels that I had heard they were toxic.
  2. dmitch24

    Beefsteak/ elephant ear

    I would be happy to send you an entire mushroom. Just let me know what’s the best way to contact/ship
  3. My family grew up eating these. It wasn’t until the past year that I found out that they can be poisonous with MMH. My family still eats these along with many other guys I know. I have never heard of anyone getting sick. The only common denominator I can find is no one eats the stem. Does anyone have more knowledge on false morels?
  4. dmitch24

    ID help

  5. dmitch24

    ID help

    First year hunting mushrooms in the fall so I’m not eating anything just learning this year. Can anyone help with the mushrooms in the photos. I have them all over my woods. Entoloma abortivum and Aborted entoloma?

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