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  1. Bruce

    P. Pulmonarius

  2. Bruce


    Recent finds #2
  3. Bruce


    Oh they are. Great on pizza.
  4. Bruce

    Same flock 2 days later

    Nice. Sometimes it's best to NOT collect and come back a little later.
  5. Bruce

    Hen of the woods

    I love Hen of the Woods. Just as good as morels, IMO.
  6. Bruce

    Indoor Growing

    I have grown out some pre-innoculated blocks and also grown a few species on brown rice flour. For the most part the yield hasn't been worth the effort (or cost).
  7. Bruce


    Try to also get a photo from underneath next time to show gill structure. It is legal to leave the trail to collect mushrooms in Indiana state parks.
  8. Bruce

    Is this an edible coral

    My Peterson's Guide says this is edible.
  9. Bruce

    Bicolor bolete

    I see these around a lot. I assume they are inedible?
  10. Bruce

    Chicken of the Woods

    Recent finds #1

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