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  1. These finds were on July 16,2017 on Hickory Ridge Trail in Bloomington, IN. These were all a little lower near creek beds and it had been raining consistently, and was very warm and humid on this day. Perfect fruiting conditions! The first two orange/golden mushrooms I have thought to be golden chanterelles. On this 2nd pic, those black spots on the mushrooms are little black bugs, and some were in the gills. The mushroom appeared to be unharmed by them (chanterelles are thought to have insecticidal properties?) They were found at the base of a fallen tree, growing out of the decaying root system. It was pretty BA if you ask me. The other two were found off the path. The growth patterns that they were found in of all of these mushrooms are shown in the pictures.
  2. Found these guys in my backyard a couple days ago, 3 separate clusters of them now. All mushrooms like this found are all in tight clusters. Thick white stalks, with bulky brown/tan caps. Two clusters found standalone in grass and one cluster (this first picture) found at the base of a tree stump. I noticed that these have not fruited once this year in my backyard (as far as I am aware) until this sudden drop in temperature this last week has occured. LOCATION: Muncie, IN