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  1. Eagle eye! πŸ‘
  2. I recently saw a post here about honey mushrooms, and noticed a user advising extreme caution. I've eaten honey mushrooms that a neighbor harvested and ate every year from the same stumps. They gave me a mild upset stomach that could've been because they were misidentified, or it could've been brought on from the placebo effect, as I had recently misidentified two toxic mushrooms. One I thought was a purple spore puffball, and was likely a pigskin poison, and another was a toxic look alike to a parasol mushroom. I acquired a couple of books and thought myself to be fairly knowledgeable after much study, however, that was just ignorant pride that, when swallowed, put me in my place, with purgative effects πŸ˜‰ Thankfully, I've learned, as many people here have, that multiple resources, much field experience and exhaustive studies can be invaluable when identifying choice edibles, but even with a high quality microscope, it is safe to say that the more we learn, the more we realize we really don't know much about micology. I enjoy identifying a lot of various species, whether edible or not, and I've found this forum to be very helpful, in that the participants, collectively, have decades of invaluable experience. I feel like a newbie among veterans and enjoy this forum, greatly. Thank you all for your participation, and thank you to the administrator(s) for maintaining it. Hope to see y'all in the woods.
  3. That will go well with venison tenderloin or backstrap cooked over some cherry or apple wood.
  4. I had a fellow mycologist send me a link to this YT channel. I found his videos to be interesting, educational and helpful in our commonality, so i wanted to share this with the community here . I didn't know there were so many medicinal benefits to chickens
  5. "Milo Masson" has authored a couple of posts that smell like spam. Please help keep this site spam free and report nonsense posts (except my "tasteful mushroom jokes " that's not spam... just a twisted sense of humor)
  6. until

    Ill have 4 in my party.
  7. I started a post addressing the administrators/ moderators with no replies. I just found the admin profile and messaged the admin. I hope that they've just been extremely busy and that no evil has befallen them. One main reason I signed up here was to gather with other mushroom connessuiers and hit the woods. If anyone wants to make plans, message me privately and we can connect.
  8. Finding the spore print on those doesn't look very challenging. lol. One member mentioned Shades State park near Turkey Run. Late September the hens should be in season. There are a lot of public and private campgrounds in that area. Many public lands restrict assess during goose and duck season, so check before you drive.
  9. Thanks for replying. It was in the ground. I don't know if there was a subterranean stump or wood there, but my friend, Bill that found it is going to be out of town for two weeks, so he might not get to observe it in a more mature stage. I've never seen a mushroom quite like it. The pores are on the top, facing upward.
  10. I'd be in for a late September/ early October camping/ hiking/ mushroom hunting trip too. I just started a post on the forum, requesting the administrators/ moderators input regarding the scheduling. I didn't see any rules against posting contact information. I'll wait a little and see if they're going to respond, but if not, maybe we can plan something independently. I just don't want to break any rules.
  11. A man was out to dinner with a three time widow. When the opportunity arose, while eating a mushroom pasta, He cautiously asked her "How did your first husband pass away?" She replied "He ate some wild mushrooms and he died. " Surprised, He said I'm sorry for your loss. If I might ask, how did your second husband pass?" She said, " He too, ate some wild mushrooms and died." In amazement, He replied "That is horrible! What about your last husband, how did he die?" She elegantly sipped some wine and said " He wouldn't eat the mushrooms, so I beat him over the head with a baseball bat " --------------------- Q. What's the surest way to not get sick from an unidentified fungal object (UFO)? A. Serve it to someone else. --------------------- that's all I got on my top knot. Know any good fungi jokes??? Please share.
  12. Thank you for building this website and maintaining it. I see a lot of potential for this kind of community, both online and offline. I'm new here and have seen a couple of people asking about the scheduled mushroom hunts. I can see the schedule on the home page, but there's no specific information as to the time and specific location. I also noticed that the most viewed page here (when I'm logged in) is the schedule. Could you be a little more helpful/ interactive regarding the walks/ hunts? Maybe grant one of the most reputable active users access to moderate and take over answering questions about gathering regionally ... just a thought The summer is almost over and we are getting into the richest season for the community. I would love to hit the woods with other micologists, newbies and veterans alike. I hope to see you out there 🀠
  13. I've been thinking about a camping/ kayaking trip down there next weekend. I'm not sure what, if any mushrooms are around though. Does anyone know when the hens start popping up?
  14. I live in Lake Village, IN. I'd be willing to meet up to do some hunting as we enter Maitake season🀠 Lake county parks have been productive.
  15. I have a fellow newbie that sent me this really interesting picture. So fat, I'm clueless as to really even know where to start to look to identify this fungus. It looks like a cross between a polypore and a jelly. Anyone ever seen this one?