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  1. Hoosierfunguy

    Microscope help

    I don't know how many people get notification of new topics, but several people check a few times per week. It's definitely not a large group of people, but the quality of knowledgeable people is rich, in my opinion. Makes me feel like a novice...oh, wait....I am a novice...lol
  2. Hoosierfunguy

    Microscope help

    Give it time. Someone will come along and help you out. I personally haven't had any experience using a microscope (besides 8th grade science class). I know they're useful in identifying some mushrooms, but usually positive IDs can be made with the obvious characteristics seen by the naked eye.
  3. Hoosierfunguy

    Hen of the woods

    Did you find them at the base of open trees in a yard? Were they all in the same lot? Last week the ones I found were in fairly close proximity to each other and were all in people's front yards at the base of very old white oaks. Were any of yours on young oaks?
  4. Hoosierfunguy

    Hen of the woods

    😳😳😳Those would be hard to miss at 70mph...lol 👍🏼👍🏼
  5. Hoosierfunguy

    Id help

    Those are old corn cobs with fungus growing on them. You're welcome👍🏼😁 Seriously, They look like a kind of bird's nest, but I really have no idea. Here's a picture of a neat little colony I found this last summer.
  6. Hoosierfunguy

    Grifola Frondosa

    I was working in an old part of Chitcago that has a lot of 100-200+ year old oak trees, yesterday and today; and I found 14 hens with a gross weight of 25 lbs in less than half hour. This is more than i've ever found, cumulatively. I've decided to hunt for hens in the city, hitherto...lol
  7. Hoosierfunguy

    ID help?

    The second picture isn't a very good representation to get an ID. Maybe show the stalk, the fertile surface in good lighting
  8. Hoosierfunguy

    ID help?

    That first one "appears" to look like parasol mushroom. Macrolepiota procera/lepiota procera. I misidentified a mushroom that looked exactly like one and I was violently ill for 2-3 days. Fever, nausea, cramps vomiting....i literally thought I was going to die and kinda wished I had. I later discovered that there's a toxic lookalike that must be positively identified by the spore print. I'm not sure which lookalike I ate, but it visually appeared exactly like a parasol I advise extreme caution on all mushrooms, and specifically parasol. Some people maybe be less cautious, but do your own research and know before you swallow.
  9. Hoosierfunguy

    Finally found a hen

    Last year I only found old ones that weren't very good. This year i've been so busy, it's been difficult to make the time to hit the woods, but after a couple of tries, nothing substantial.... then today, i'm working in Chicago and on a break, I look at the base of a neighbor's Oak and there she was, about 2' long 1' high, nestled camouflaged among the mulch near the bulging root bases. I politely asked the neighbor if i could take it away and he said sure.. 🤠
  10. Hoosierfunguy

    Shaggy Mane

    How extraordinary! Amazing. I never thought to look in rocks... Haha
  11. Hoosierfunguy

    Hen of the woods

    Very cool.
  12. Hoosierfunguy

    Coral Mushrooms

    Bruce, doesn't Artomyces pyxidata turn orangish when it's past its prime?
  13. Hoosierfunguy

    Found some hens today

  14. Notice that the flesh of the false Chantelle is whitish. But Chanterelles are a different story, altogether. 😁 I couldn't resist... 😅
  15. Hoosierfunguy

    Another id help

    I wouldn't rule it out, yet, but the Lysurus periphragmoides does have a stalk, but i haven't found any with a taper like that. I hope you get a positive ID. Do you have a good microscope? It wouldn't hurt to harvest some of that olive brown slime and have a close look

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