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  1. Chris Christensen

    Mccormick creek foray

    Steve Russell used to post the results of a walk or scheduled event on mycomap. It had pics of what we had found with everything identified. He doesn't do that anymore. The projects on iNat are for you to join and select to upload your pics along with a voucher slip during those events. They will be kept and formally identified by experts for a permanent science record/ contribution. Our HMS walks/forays are not listed as a formal event in iNat. So if you're looking to see what was collected and identified during an HMS walk there may be no such link, unless Steve Russell can direct you to one. As for the events listed on the calendar for HMS, they will only become active very near to the event for signing up. Steve Russell does that himself, to get an idea of how many may show up. Sometimes a scheduled walk doesn't even get cancelled or postponed, it just gets dropped off the event list a day or so before the event. It's all a work in progress, so if you're looking for something specific try contacting Stephen Russell on Indiana mushrooms facebook forum. That's the most active group now that Steve has created. All HMS walks are posted there when they become active for sign up. Hope this helps.
  2. Chris Christensen

    Mccormick creek foray

    I agree! Hot and humid, but a good foray. In the woods probably 10 degrees cooler, but the humidity....
  3. Chris Christensen

    Mccormick creek foray

    I've signed in on the Indiana mushrooms website.
  4. Chris Christensen

    Mccormick creek foray

    Ok, thanks!
  5. Chris Christensen

    Mccormick creek foray

    Yeah, Steve gets busy, and all dates are considered soft until it opens for registration. It does make it hard to plan. I'm planning on the walk tomorrow at the Indiana dunes, which hasn't opened yet with a time frame and meeting location.
  6. Chris Christensen

    Mccormick creek foray

    It's on the HMS calendar or schedule of events. I plan to attend that and brown county the day before. I've hunted shades with both of you last year. Hope to see you both again.
  7. Chris Christensen

    What is this?

    I'm pretty sure that you dug up a non edible variety of a truffle. Tuber canaliculatum is the edible Michigan truffle that we assume exists in Indiana but not documented yet. Google for more information.
  8. Chris Christensen

    Order from Store

    Steve Russell is the guy. I'm sure it will be resolved. Possibly holiday weekend is a factor. You can try again or keep posting. He or other moderators will contact you.
  9. Chris Christensen

    Id help

  10. Chris Christensen

    Id help

    If it is Steve Russell may be interested in a dried specimen. I've not seen them quite that flat.
  11. Chris Christensen

    Id help

    I think Agaricus sp.
  12. Chris Christensen

    Mushroom identifycation

    Not a problem, I was just trying to help. Point well taken.
  13. Chris Christensen

    Mushroom identifycation

    Quite possibly a Psilosybe sp., maybe cubenses? Which are considered poisonous due to the content of psilocybin they contain. Others will confirm or deny.
  14. Chris Christensen

    Id help please!

    I agree.
  15. Chris Christensen

    ID help

    Cerioporus squamosus, commonly called pheasants back, dryads saddle. Edible, but need fresh young ones or the tender tips. I still don't seem to cook it anyway but tough! You shouldn't eat any mushroom fresh, but if you take a small bite it tastes like cucumbers or non sweeten watermelon rind.
  16. Chris Christensen

    Membership and purchased items

    I think mine came usps. The most active conversations are on Indiana mushrooms. This site is still very active mainly in the summer, but a moderator is usually around. Mention Steve Russell here or Indiana mushrooms and maybe that will get his attention. I always received anything I've purchased through this site.
  17. Chris Christensen

    mushroom forays

    Most likely not until April or May. It will be announced here and listed on the home page that shows last years schedule now marked out. What has been discussed in earlier posts is a morel certification program that is sponsored by the Hoosier mushroom society. Where you may become certified as an expert on select morels in Indiana. Hope this helps.
  18. Chris Christensen

    2019 wild mushroom course

    Steve Russell will get back with you soon. Most active conversations are on Indiana mushrooms forum. Many members here follow that forum and Steve is on there off and on as well.
  19. Chris Christensen

    Winter boredom

    A spore print is a key feature here. Enoki is white and Galerina is rusty brown. And the two can grow side by side. It's best not to risk it if unsure.
  20. Chris Christensen

    Study Guides to the Latin Names of Fungi

    Well, it helped me Bruce, thanks.
  21. Chris Christensen

    Unknown polypore

    Dylan Martin on Facebook, Indiana mushrooms, has found something similar and is trying to id it. I told him about your find, but apparently he hasn't replied yet.
  22. Chris Christensen

    Shades foray

    Being a member is encouraged but not necessary for the first walks. They're informal and educational. I think you're a member of you can post here.
  23. Chris Christensen

    Shades foray

    I plan to go as well. I'll stay the night at one of the parks and do Turkey run the next day. Over 2hour drive for me near Macy IN. If the foray is canceled I may not, unless lots of rain a couple of days ahead.
  24. Chris Christensen

    More late-season mushrooms

    It sounds like you're on the right identification track. I can't help any more however. Thanks for sharing this find, it gives me hope. I saw 5 nice giant puffballs a couple of days ago together. Could have weighed 13-15 pounds all totaled maybe a week or so earlier.
  25. Chris Christensen

    Salamonie Reservoir Foray


    As far as I know it would be ok. However the cost to be a member is very reasonable. Here's a GPS link to the trail head. If I do it right. https://goo.gl/maps/mm1k9F2biiF2

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