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  1. Chris Christensen

    ID help

    Compare to Picipes badius, the black footed polypore. A good under shot would help me here, not sure
  2. Chris Christensen

    Common Puffballs

    They are fine, I understand, but I have only eaten Calvatia gigantia. And I slice off the skin. And do an egg batter, then fry them in butter. Next morning I take the leftovers that were cooked up and reheat in the microwave. Add butter and syrup. Best French toast ever, and healthier. Half inch to 3/4 in. Slices.
  3. Chris Christensen

    ID Help

    Idk, but I did a search and I came up with a good match which was Agaricus hondensis. The felt ringed Agaricus. If it is and your in Indiana, Steve Russell may be interested in this collection.
  4. Chris Christensen

    Id help

    Most likely ringless honey mushroom. Should have white spore print. Good edible.
  5. Chris Christensen

    Id help

    Maybe Suade Bolete, Xerocomus subtomentosus?
  6. Chris Christensen

    Honeys are back

    I'm pretty sure they are too.
  7. Chris Christensen

    Very small

    I tried to get you a direction to check out for this mushroom, but I need closer pictures and a nice photo of the underside as well. Others may be able to determine a species. I really can't.
  8. Chris Christensen

    Mccormick creek foray

    Steve Russell used to post the results of a walk or scheduled event on mycomap. It had pics of what we had found with everything identified. He doesn't do that anymore. The projects on iNat are for you to join and select to upload your pics along with a voucher slip during those events. They will be kept and formally identified by experts for a permanent science record/ contribution. Our HMS walks/forays are not listed as a formal event in iNat. So if you're looking to see what was collected and identified during an HMS walk there may be no such link, unless Steve Russell can direct you to one. As for the events listed on the calendar for HMS, they will only become active very near to the event for signing up. Steve Russell does that himself, to get an idea of how many may show up. Sometimes a scheduled walk doesn't even get cancelled or postponed, it just gets dropped off the event list a day or so before the event. It's all a work in progress, so if you're looking for something specific try contacting Stephen Russell on Indiana mushrooms facebook forum. That's the most active group now that Steve has created. All HMS walks are posted there when they become active for sign up. Hope this helps.
  9. Chris Christensen

    Mccormick creek foray

    I agree! Hot and humid, but a good foray. In the woods probably 10 degrees cooler, but the humidity....
  10. Chris Christensen

    Mccormick creek foray

    I've signed in on the Indiana mushrooms website.
  11. Chris Christensen

    Mccormick creek foray

    Ok, thanks!
  12. Chris Christensen

    Mccormick creek foray

    Yeah, Steve gets busy, and all dates are considered soft until it opens for registration. It does make it hard to plan. I'm planning on the walk tomorrow at the Indiana dunes, which hasn't opened yet with a time frame and meeting location.
  13. Chris Christensen

    Mccormick creek foray

    It's on the HMS calendar or schedule of events. I plan to attend that and brown county the day before. I've hunted shades with both of you last year. Hope to see you both again.
  14. Chris Christensen

    What is this?

    I'm pretty sure that you dug up a non edible variety of a truffle. Tuber canaliculatum is the edible Michigan truffle that we assume exists in Indiana but not documented yet. Google for more information.
  15. Chris Christensen

    Order from Store

    Steve Russell is the guy. I'm sure it will be resolved. Possibly holiday weekend is a factor. You can try again or keep posting. He or other moderators will contact you.

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