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  1. hoosiermushrooms

    McCormicks Creek Walk

    Meet at the Nature Center at 1pm.
  2. hoosiermushrooms

    Today's Foraging Results

    Good stuff!
  3. hoosiermushrooms

    Please, help to identify

    Some are. Some are edible.
  4. hoosiermushrooms

    How to post photos?

    Do you see an add images button here when you are logged in? http://hoosiermushrooms.org/index.php?/gallery/
  5. hoosiermushrooms

    ID help please

    Calvatia cyathiformis/craniiformis
  6. hoosiermushrooms

    Please, help to identify

    Many Tylopilus are not bitter and will bruise.
  7. hoosiermushrooms

    Please, help to identify

    They are Tylopilus. Need more info to get to species.
  8. hoosiermushrooms

    Shades foray

  9. hoosiermushrooms

    Corn Smut

    Was this wild in Indiana, or was this cultivated? I would be interested in a sample if it is native.
  10. hoosiermushrooms


    Thanks for all the great info!
  11. hoosiermushrooms

    Help me ID please

    The Bolete is Xanthoconium separans
  12. hoosiermushrooms

    Please, help to identify

    Need to know if the taste is bitter
  13. hoosiermushrooms

    Id help

    May be Pleurotus/Lentinus levis/laevis
  14. hoosiermushrooms

    Are these truffles? If not what are they?

    These are too immature to get a reliable ID. Check the same spot again and there may be a more mature specimen.
  15. hoosiermushrooms


    That is correct. The next courses will be for morels in spring 2019.

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