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  1. hoosiermushrooms

    2018 Schedule of Events

    Indiana Events: March 31 - Morel Mushroom Certification Course - Indianapolis, IN - 1pm - 5pm - More Info - Register April 28 - 29 - Mansfield Mushroom Festival - Mansfield, IN - More Info May 4 - 6 - Red Barn Morel Jamboree - Nashville, IN - More Info May 5 - HMS Morel Mushroom Hike - Brown County State Park - 1pm - Attend in Person - Species List May 5 - Morel Mushroom Festival - Brown County State Park - More Info May 19 - Mounds State Park - Anderson , IN - 1 pm - 3 pm - Attend in Person - Species List June 2 - 3 - Indiana Academy of Science Bioblitz - Eagle Creek, Indianapolis, IN - Attend in Person June 23 - Wild Mushroom Course - Indianapolis, IN - 9am - 5pm - More Information - Register July 29 - August 4 - Online Summer Foray - More Info - Order Field Data Slips - Species List August 25 - Shades State Park - 1 pm - 3 pm - Attend in Person - Species List August 26 - Turkey Run State Park - 11 am - 1 pm - Attend in Person - Species List September 15 - McCormicks Creek State Park - 1pm - More Information October 21 - 27 - Online Fall Foray - More Info - Order Field Data Slips - Join the Project Other Events of Interest: July 15 - 21 - Mycological Society of America Conference - San Juan, PR - More Info July 26 - 29 - NEMF Sam Ristich Foray - Geneseo, NY - More Info August 16 - 19 - Telluride Mushroom Festival - Telluride, CO - More Info September 15 - 18th Annual Gary Lincoff Forary - North Park, PA - More Info October 11 - 14 - NAMA Annual Foray - Salem, OR - More Info
  2. hoosiermushrooms

    Identification help

    Image test. Please try to upload again and let me know if it works for you.
  3. hoosiermushrooms

    Beefsteak/ elephant ear

    I would also be interested in a piece of the specimen if possible...to determine the species, not edibility.
  4. hoosiermushrooms

    Beefsteak/ elephant ear

    Many species in this group are known to be poisonous. Our midwestern species have never been tested for levels of potential toxins. Many people have eaten them fine for years with no ill effects, but we suggest to avoid them until there is convincing evidence they do not contain detectable levels of the toxin.
  5. hoosiermushrooms

    Pheasant back?

  6. hoosiermushrooms

    Help contacting site administrator

    The main reason I use Facebook is for mushrooms. You could always make an account specifically for that purpose. I, too, would wish more people utilize other platforms, but that is just not where people are.
  7. hoosiermushrooms

    Gymnopilus liquiritiae ?

    Look at Tubaria.
  8. hoosiermushrooms

    How to post photos?

    Sorry you are having issues. I do not see any further modifications I can do to the site.
  9. hoosiermushrooms

    Examination under microscope

    1. For staining, the most common ones I use are Lactophenol Cotton Blue, Meltzer's Reagent, KOH, Water, and Congo Red. 2. Soak the tissue in H20 first to rehydrate, and then move to your stain. 3. Those are the most common ones. 4. Not reliably.
  10. hoosiermushrooms

    How to post photos?

    I was able to find the issue here. It should be corrected. Please let me know if it persists.
  11. hoosiermushrooms

    Membership and purchased items

    Sorry for the delay here, your order is going out tomorrow.
  12. hoosiermushrooms

    Morel course

    The course is in the store on this site:
  13. hoosiermushrooms

    Help contacting site administrator

    Hello Darvin. Your order has been received. It will go out in the mail tomorrow. You could join the Indiana Mushrooms Facebook group for a more active discussion. There are thousands of members in that group, and is where the most active Indiana mushroomers discuss/post. I will refund your membership, as we are not actively taking paid members this year. We will still hold our usual number of forays all around the state.
  14. hoosiermushrooms

    Ganoderma? ID please. Thanks!

    May be Ganoderma sessile
  15. hoosiermushrooms

    Study Guides to the Latin Names of Fungi


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