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  1. hoosiermushrooms

    How to post photos?

    I was able to find the issue here. It should be corrected. Please let me know if it persists.
  2. hoosiermushrooms

    Membership and purchased items

    Sorry for the delay here, your order is going out tomorrow.
  3. hoosiermushrooms

    Morel course

    The course is in the store on this site:
  4. hoosiermushrooms

    Help contacting site administrator

    Hello Darvin. Your order has been received. It will go out in the mail tomorrow. You could join the Indiana Mushrooms Facebook group for a more active discussion. There are thousands of members in that group, and is where the most active Indiana mushroomers discuss/post. I will refund your membership, as we are not actively taking paid members this year. We will still hold our usual number of forays all around the state.
  5. hoosiermushrooms

    Ganoderma? ID please. Thanks!

    May be Ganoderma sessile
  6. hoosiermushrooms

    Study Guides to the Latin Names of Fungi

  7. hoosiermushrooms

    Can someone identify?

    Dryads Saddle - Polyporus squamosus
  8. hoosiermushrooms

    Pure white Chantelle?

    Waxy Caps - Hygrophorus
  9. No worries about touching them. Just dont consume the flesh.
  10. hoosiermushrooms

    Cinabar chanterelles?

    We have several different cinnabar species. Probably some unknown ones as well.
  11. hoosiermushrooms

    Lion's mane

    Nice finds all around!
  12. hoosiermushrooms

    Id help

    Another nice find. Look at Hygrophorus russula.
  13. hoosiermushrooms

    Ganoderma sp?

    Yup. It is a Ganoderma related to Reishi.
  14. hoosiermushrooms

    Another id help

    Nice find. There are several Clathrus species, and likely some unknown ones. This would be a good one to dry if it is still there.

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